Social media in Poland

Polish social media market is growing

Social media in Poland are becoming more and more popular. In 2017, the value of the social media market was over £123 million. Polish social media has strengthened their position and remains one of the most dynamically growing sectors of online advertising. Invariably, the most popular and the most engaging social media platform for Poles is Facebook. In December 2017, over 82% of Polish Internet users had an account on Facebook.
Polish Facebook is constantly growing. It is a platform where all the brands not only advertise more and more often, but they also invest a lot of money on it. It is not only a great and still relatively cheap form of advertising compared to other media, but also a great way to build a brand’s image. In addition to this, social media give brands the ability to communicate with customers and fans, gather feedback, collect leads, build connections, and create engagement.

Endless possibilities of social media

Currently, it is common for consumers to send messages to brands or a company, directly through Messenger. It’s the fastest and sometimes even the only possible way of receiving an answer.

However, Polish social media is not just Facebook. As Internet marketing specialists, we will help you develop your Polish fanpage and indicate what other channels will work for your brand. There are a lot of possibilities: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and many more. We will show you which of them are worth investing money in and which should be skipped. Social media are not only the way to be closer to your fans and engage them, but also a way to find new customers just by using effective social advertising. We can plan it for you!

Social media in Poland – who is using it?

Although trends in social media marketing in Poland are similar to those prevailing in western countries such as the UK or Germany, it is worth being aware of the differences that divide them. Social media in Poland are changing dynamically and surprise marketers who keep up with them every year. However, there is no doubt that social media are the most effective, and at the same time, the safest promotional tool you can reach for if you want to conquer the Polish market – regardless of the industry, or the size of your company.

According to data for 2022, Internet users account for as much as 87% of Polish society. This is about 3% more than last year! This means that almost from month to month the number of Poles using the Internet on a daily basis is growing. Social media alone are used by 27 million Poles, which is more than 70% of the population (and at the same time as much as 83% of people over the age of 13). It is difficult to ignore such a huge promotional potential for business.

The most popular social media in Poland

Significantly, more and more Poles are choosing the phone as their tool for browsing the web and social media. As many as 93% of Polish Internet users aged 16-64 access the mobile Internet on a smartphone. They use computers mainly for work, and are more likely to use Facebook or Instagram on their phone after hours. As far as instant messaging is concerned – here (which is a frequent surprise for people from abroad) Facebook Messenger dominates, which is used by 79% of Polish Internet users. Users of social media in Poland are practically of all ages, although obviously the most numerous group are Poles between the ages of 18 and 44.

When it comes to the popularity of individual platforms, there are no typically Polish social media. Years ago, there were portals such as Nasza-Klasa, but they were completely supplanted by popular giants from Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) or Google (YouTube) and eventually – liquidated. When asked about their favourite social media in Poland, Poles point to Facebook (almost 37% of Internet users), Messenger and Instagram.


Facebook on the Polish market

Facebook is not only the favourite social media platform in Poland, but also the most popular. According to current data, over 88% of Internet users on the Polish market have an account on this platform. So if you are planning to enter the Polish market and want to start advertising here, it is worth starting with Facebook. Most importantly, it allows for very precise targeting of advertisements. For most of our clients, Facebook is the solid core of social media communication in Poland.

Facebook offers great opportunities, not only in terms of advertising. It is also a great medium for communicating with customers (it is through Facebook that most Poles seek contact with brands). It helps to build a positive image and is also effective as a tool for distributing content from external sites.


Instagram on the Polish market

Instagram in Poland already has more than 10 million users. It is the second most popular social media platform in Poland (not counting Messenger, which is a messenger) – especially among women and younger audiences. Over the past year, Instagram in Poland has seen considerable growth. It is used by as many as 1 million more people than last year.

Every fifth Instagram user in Poland is a woman between the ages of 18 and 24. Polish women also leave significantly more reactions and comments under posts on Instagram. They are therefore a grateful target group for advertisements with interactions as the main focus, as well as complex social media campaigns for engagement. The importance of e-commerce on Instagram is also growing, as well as the number of advertising campaigns run exclusively via Insta Stories. This social media platform in Poland works fantastically well for the communication of typically female brands, such as clothing, cosmetics, some services, as well as the entire parenting and lifestyle sector. We also like to combine Polish social media activities with cooperation with influencers, i.e. social media icons.


TikTok on the Polish market

TikTok is a social media platform that is slowly chasing Instagram in popularity among social media in Poland. Although, for the time being, it is used by around 35% of Polish Internet users, it has already won the favour of many Poles – especially young people, who are fleeing there from the ‘old-school’ Facebook. In just one year, more than 900,000 Poles have signed up to the platform, and this number is growing at an alarming rate. Many brands operating on the Polish market are beginning to appreciate TikTok’s advertising potential and are increasingly willing to choose it as one of the most important Polish social media for communication.

This trend mainly concerns brands targeting a younger audience. However, it is not only about Generation Z – this social media in Poland is becoming increasingly mature. As many as 60% of users are between the ages of 18 and 34, with young people aged between 13 and 17 right behind them. According to research on TikTok in Poland, almost all users of this platform shop online (they mainly buy clothes, beauty products and electronic equipment). This social media platform in Poland is definitely worth attention, but it requires knowledge of how to communicate so as not to come off as too pushy. It is worth remembering that most Poles open TikTok mainly in search of entertainment.


Twitter on the Polish market

Twitter is used in Poland by approximately 34% of Polish Internet users, which amounts to 2 million people. However, it is not worth letting it go – Polish Twitter has been on an upward trend for some time and is increasingly becoming a medium for online discussions. It is proving to be an effective tool for employer branding, as well as classic social media communication in Poland for brands from certain sectors – for example, legal, banking, finance or tax. As a social media agency in Poland that handles social media, we also occasionally choose to advertise on Twitter.


LinkedIn on the Polish market

LinkedIn is used by more than 16% of Internet users in Poland. Contrary to appearances, this is not a small percentage – especially given the business (or at least by design) nature of this platform. Classic business content is increasingly interspersed with less ‘serious’ topics, and longer content has been appearing recently. For some industries (e.g. legal or financial), it is a social media platform in Poland definitely worth looking at, but you need to have the right strategy for it. As a UK-based Polish social media agency, we are happy to support our clients in developing one.

Polish social media – which industries do we work with?

As a UK-based Polish social media company, we have already worked with brands of all sizes and from almost every sector on the Polish market. We love challenges and enjoy taking on collaborations that allow us to rediscover the client’s intriguing industry ourselves. We handle social media for brands in industries such as:

Polish social media for the fashion and beauty industry

Do you run a fashion or beauty brand and want to enter the Polish market with it? Or do you already sell products in Poland, but your activities are not having the desired effect? In typically feminine sectors, activities on Polish social media are a real must-have! Our social media ninjas have many years of experience in planning and implementing comprehensive social media campaigns for the fashion and beauty industry.

We do everything for our clients: from building a strategy and choosing platforms, to creating tailored communication, scheduling with posts and setting up advertising. As a UK-based Polish social media agency, we specialise in creative communication on Instagram; collaborating with Polish fashion and beauty influencers, as well as developing advertising campaigns focused on selling products.

Polish social media for the service sector

We support global service brands in effective social media communication in Poland. We help them choose the most effective platforms, tools and advertising formats to achieve their business goals faster – increasing brand awareness on the Polish market, building a professional image, creating an engaged community and increasing conversions.

We work with service brands in a variety of sectors: from technology companies, to travel services, telecommunications, energy, medical (e.g. online medical services), to legal, tax or financial services. Our social media ninjas build communication strategies in Polish social media, efficiently combining various platforms to achieve spectacular results. Do you need a one-off advertising campaign on Facebook? Professional communication on LinkedIn? Or maybe a creative influencer campaign on Instagram or TikTok? We will take care of the social media handling for you!

Polish social media for the food industry

When it comes to food, Poles are a rather difficult target to reach. Most appreciate local Polish products and are quite closed to new flavours or unusual culinary solutions. At the same time, they are strongly attached to well-known brands. Systematic, well-optimised, visually original and consistent communication in social media in Poland is one of the most effective ways to reach these most ‘resistant’ customers.

However, without knowledge of the grocery habits of Poles, it is difficult to achieve success. That is why when building a social media strategy in Poland for the food industry, it is essential to work with people who understand the target group well. An additional challenge arises in the case of alcohol brands. In addition to the restrictions imposed by the platforms themselves, Polish law introduces further requirements that advertisers are forced to comply with. If you want to make sure that your company’s social media is run not only effectively but also legally, it is worth consulting with Polish social media experts.

Polish social media for the legal and financial sector

Advertising in the legal, banking and financial sector is strictly regulated by Polish law. Without knowledge of the intricate legal acts, it is difficult to run a profile in Polish social media in a fully legal manner. One careless move (such as the lack of necessary information in the advertising message or too small a font on the graphic) can even lead to the blocking of the company account. How to guard against this? This is where working with a UK-based Polish social media agency that has experience working for brands in this sector will prove useful!

As valued experts, we are up to date with Polish law and know exactly how to communicate on social media legally and safely. Additionally, we support our clients in increasing sales of financial, banking or legal services on the Polish market – we plan advertising campaigns, select the most effective platforms to contact potential customers and are responsible for moderating private messages and profile comments.

What services in Polish social media can we offer your brand?

We can help you with your Polish fanpage!

The social media landscape is ever changing. It is important to keep up with the updates and new trends, and know how to optimise the Internet activities of your brand to reach the best possible results. Let us help you nurture your business in Poland using the power of social media. It is one of the most popular services we offer. We will be delighted to prepare you a suitable social media strategy for Poland. Need a hand with Polish social media? Contact us today! The earlier we start, the earlier you will see results!

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