Green and renewable energy PR in Poland

The share of renewable and green energy is on a steady rise, both in Poland and across Europe. Concurrently, consumer awareness is witnessing a notable surge, as an increasing number of Poles are embracing eco-friendly solutions for their households and transportation. This market is fiercely competitive – both domestic and international companies actively seeking clients from Poland. If you want to implement impactful strategies in the Polish market and establish a presence among potential clients, you’re in the right place. We are a team of PR experts specialising in the renewable and energy sector. Let’s make you a market leader!

We help brands such as:

  • Producers of electricity from renewable sources, e.g., onshore wind farms, offshore wind farms, solar power plants, hydroelectric power plants.
  • Biofuel producers.
  • Companies engaged in research, design, and manufacturing of technologies related to green energy, such as solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems.
  • Companies involved in the installation, maintenance, and operation of facilities for energy production from renewable sources, such as wind farms.
  • Manufacturers of components and materials used in the production of renewable energy installations, such as photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, and batteries.
  • Engineering and consulting firms providing services in design, technical consulting, green energy efficiency analysis, etc.

Effective tools for effective PR

Renewable and green energy sources are a challenging industry to communicate. Firstly, it requires an excellent understanding of Polish law. Legal regulations (such as the “Energy Law” and EU energy policies) are being constantly updated as the industry develops. Our specialists stay up-to-date with changing laws to ensure that your communication is 100% legal. The other challenge is the limited knowledge clients have about the available solutions. A crucial aspect of PR in this sector is consumer education and building an expert image.

Our PR services include:

Media Relations Building relationships with industry journalists, publishing press releases, sponsored materials, interviews, and exclusive materials for the media. We focus on national, local, and industry-specific media. Social media activities Communication on strategic social media platforms to educate the audience and build engagement. Facebook typically serves as the primary channel for B2C clients, whereas for B2B clients, we leverage alternative platforms such as LinkedIn to maintain a strong presence. Events Assisting in organizing events and participating in trade fairs or industry events. This helps in elevating brand awareness and is a useful tool for acquiring new business partners. Content creation Focusing on content that expands clients’ knowledge about the solutions the brand offers. We create not only blogs or sponsored articles but also visual content such as infographics.

Dedicated solutions for individual and corporate clients

For years, we have been developing strategies and dedicated PR campaigns for our clients. Through a content plan (including blogs, podcasts, and video marketing), we showcase the benefits of using clean energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, gas, and coal power – such as low operating costs, savings, and the possibility of maintaining subsidies. We also educate clients about ecology, demonstrating how the brand’s solutions and clean energy help protect the climate and reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. For B2B clients, the path to purchase is considerably longer. There is usually no single decision-maker – it involves multiple people in different positions. The main PR task is to plan a funnel that considers all these individuals and their knowledge levels regarding green energy. We are well-acquainted with the consumer. This allows us to make a communication plan that includes all strategic platforms relevant to corporate clients from Poland (exposure in industry media, building a leader position, attractive case studies, etc.).

Communication focused on the Polish customer

Effective PR services in the Polish market consider not only legal regulations but also cultural differences. Not all public relations actions that were successful in other European countries would be equally efficient in communicating with customers from Poland. Here, the popularity of certain solutions differs from Western countries. It’s crucial to be aware that the topic of green and renewable energy sources evokes strong emotions among Poles. If you’re looking for a public relations agency experienced in Poland, contact our PR agency.

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