PR for the telecommunications brands in Poland 

According to research, Poland’s total telecommunications sector revenue reached $3 billion in 2022 and has been recording steady growth. As an experienced PR agency, we have been supporting foreign brands in the telecom industry for years, helping them enhance visibility and build a strong, enduring brand image. Use the power of effective public relations – establish your presence in strategic Polish media and earn the reputation of a market leader!


Effective PR for B2C and B2B clients

We support brands offering telecommunications services for businesses and household customers, including:

  • Telecom operators: Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).
  • Cable & satellite TV and fixed telephony providers.
  • Internet service providers (e.g. wireless network operators, national broadband services).
  • Telecommunication equipment manufacturers.
  • Companies offering video conferencing and fixed voice services.
  • Media content delivery companies, including streaming platforms and pay-TV services.
  • Other telecom services, such as consulting firms.

These include:

  • Operators entering the telecom market in Poland, aiming to increase brand awareness and media presence. We assist in customer segmentation, creating effective PR plans, storytelling, building a strong brand image, communicating the brand’s mission and vision, and reaching out to strategic industry journalists.
  • Brands already operating on the Polish market but struggling to make a significant impact. In this industry, the key to success lies in implementing a robust public relations strategy with precisely tailored media exposure.
  • Organisations undergoing rebranding. We help them create PR campaigns to communicate the changes within the company. We formulate new messages, tailoring content and communication platforms to the new visual identity, target audience, or strategic decisions.


Credibility and trust – two essentials for PR success

In the Polish telecom industry, colourful ads and catchy slogans take a back seat. Our goal is to develop a long-lasting communication plan based on a detailed analysis, aligning it with the company’s mission, image, strategic business goals, and Polish law – including the Office of Competition and Consumer (UOKiK) and Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) regulations. PR tools, such as content creation, influencer marketing, interviews, events, or press releases, are used to achieve predefined objectives.

During our collaboration, we focus on creating a plan that instils clients’ trust in the long term. Through systematic media presence, customer education, and transparent communication, we build a leading position in the industry. We will make you a leader who is not only recognizable among Polish customers but also their preferred choice. As PR experts in the Polish market, we also help prevent image crises and develop effective crisis management plans to minimize losses and potentially gain favour in the eyes of customers, journalists, or business partners.


Media relations for telecom companies in Poland

One of the key elements of successful PR in the telecommunications industry is building relationships with reputable media. We reach strategic journalists in the national, local, and industry-specific media. We also create effective press materials, organize interviews with brand representatives, media meetings, and press conferences, produce expert articles, and offer exclusive press materials.

Apart from external media, the brand’s own media is also important. We support brands in developing and implementing social media strategies (on Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and more). Furthermore, we manage corporate blogs, sharing knowledge and business news.

If you’re looking for an experienced agency that will help you with PR services in the telecommunications market in Poland, we’re ready to talk!

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