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Public relations in the technology industry are exceptionally challenging. Achieving success in the Polish market requires a combination of several factors: an excellent understanding of the modern market (and knowledge of what sets Poles apart from foreign clients), strong local media relations, understanding competitors’ actions, and long-term development of a credible image. The consumer technology market is constantly evolving – and to build a strong brand, it is essential to skilfully leverage the opportunities of digital PR tools. Our experienced experts will identify your business goals and create a PR strategy that will make you a leader.


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What distinguishes the B2C sector in the tech market? Above all, a very broad and highly diverse target audience. Almost anyone can be a client of your company: both professionals and individuals with little to no technology knowledge. The key to success lies in effectively identifying different target groups. We provide PR solutions that address the needs of each of these groups.


Our B2C PR services include:

  • Media Relations

We understand the dynamics of media in this niche sector, and we have built strong relationships with strategic journalists. With your media outreach plan, we ensure effective brand exposure, enhancing visibility in key media.

  • Content creating

We specialize in creating creative content (blogs, videos, podcasts) that capture attention and provide value to customers. Your messages will not only be appealing, but also informative (with insights and comments from experts representing the brand) and tailored to the specific needs of your audience.

  • Social media campaigns

We deliver creative social media strategies that engage the audience and promote your brand’s innovation, ultimately increasing sales and achieving other business goals.

  • Working with influencers

We know the power of influencer marketing in the tech world. Our experience in working with influencers and content creators from the Polish technology industry enables us to seamlessly integrate their authenticity with your brand, accelerating recognition and ensuring the trust of their followers.

  • PR in traditional Polish media

We offer comprehensive support in building a long-term brand image in the Polish market. To reach customers of different age groups, we ensure brand presence not only online but also in print, television, and radio, providing a well-rounded approach.

  • Reports and research

We create reports and research on the technological market in Poland that will build the brand’s credibility as an expert on the market.


Explore the Polish market with our PR services!

One of the crucial elements of PR campaigns in the technology industry is the use of proper tools. To stand out in the market (especially among global leaders), it is essential to leverage new technologies and current trends to better identify customer needs and connect to them more effectively. After all, if you want to convince the media and clients that a product is innovative, your communication should also be innovative.

Our experts continuously monitor current trends and innovations, integrating them into the brand’s PR strategy. We use AI, video content, and tools such as Google News to ensure the brand is noticed by prospects of all ages.

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