Tourism and travel industry PR in Poland

The percentage of Poles going on vacations abroad is growing every year. It’s no wonder that an increasing number of brands in the tourism industry are showing interest in the Polish market. However, Polish tourists are challenging to please. They enjoy organized trips but prefer well-known and trusted companies. Building a strong, authentic, and trustworthy brand is, therefore, one of the most important elements of advertising activities in this market.


PR agency for companies in the tourism industry

As an experienced public relations firm specializing in media relations, building brand images and communication, we offer diverse PR services to travel companies such as:

  • Accommodation facilities (e.g. hotels, motels),
  • Carriers and transport companies (including airlines),
  • Eating places (restaurants, bars),
  • Insurance companies,
  • Tourist attractions (museums, parks, historic places, palaces, royal castles and other architecture objects),
  • Travel and event agencies,
  • Regional and local organizations,
  • Local authorities,
  • Tourist information offices,
  • Consulting companies in the tourism sector.


How can we help you?

Thanks to years of experience in PR in the Polish market, our experts can effectively build brand awareness and position your brand as a leader. We assist travel companies from Europe and other countries in gaining the trust and loyalty of visitors from Poland.

PR in Social Media

Social media platforms are not only a way to reach a wide audience, but also to build a strong community around the brand. In the travel industry, social media content must be particularly engaging, interesting, personalized, and vibrant. And this is precisely how we do it.

Influencer Campaigns

Poland has many travel influencers (the list includes Instagrammers, bloggers, YouTubers, and journalists). Poles love to consume travel content. Working with them can significantly contribute to expanding the brand’s reach. Authentic recommendations and influencer relationships have a powerful impact on the travel decisions.

Media Relations

Sharing information, inspiration, and practical travel advice in the media is a wonderful way to build trust and stand out online. Our experts create such content and handle comprehensive media relations and build long-term relationships with journalists.

Conferences and Industry Events

Active participation in conferences and global industry events allows for establishing business relationships, sharing knowledge, and presenting your offer to clients and potential partners.

Market Research and Trend Analysis

Concentration on systematic market research and analysis of tourism trends allows us to adjust PR strategies to current customer preferences and quickly respond to any changes.

PR in Traditional Media

Polish tourism is not homogeneous. If you want to reach older generations, traditional media PR – such as television, print, and radio – can be beneficial. We assist in creating comprehensive PR campaigns executed simultaneously across various media platforms.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring domestic and international events increases media exposure. It also allows for showcasing the brand to a wide audience, engaging the local community, and establishing relationships with European business partners. It is also an excellent opportunity to promote new products or services of the brand.


Build a strong brand in Poland with our help!

Trust our well-informed experts and join our satisfied clients from the tourism sector! We have already helped many companies to build a positive image and a strong position among tourists and media in Poland. We will create a solid communication plan for your brand, focusing on achieving your business goals. Don’t risk your brand’s image! Contact us and let’s make a deal!

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