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Public relations plays a crucial role in the business-to-business world. Developing an appropriate communication strategy and managing the brand’s image shape its reputation among audiences. These include not only prospects and current business clients but also potential partners, investors, journalists, content creators, competitors, and the entire industry. In the technology sector, a brand’s reputation is not influenced by catchy advertising campaigns or collaborations with popular influencers from Poland. Here, credibility, authority, and experience matter. B2B audience analyse your PR activities much more than B2C customers. Building such trust in the brand is a long-term process. Our PR services experts are pleased to assist you with it.

Professional PR for tech companies and startups

We have years of experience in creating comprehensive, recognizable communication strategies and implementing them for our business partners. We help companies reach a broad spectrum of their business clients seeking support – fintech and technology companies, tech consulting services, software, and hardware businesses. If you plan to enter the Polish market, we’re ready to help! Key goals of our public relations services:
  • Building a reliable image.
Polish business clients are loyal and stick to innovations and solutions that work. We will help you become an important partner to Polish businesses and raise awareness effectively.
  •  Building the authority of a leader.
In this market, having an image of a leader and innovator is more important than in other sectors. Our efforts focus on building thoughtful leadership. We do this by consciously sharing industry knowledge – both through creating and distributing high-quality content and by the presence of company representatives at important events.
  •  Expressing the brand’s mission and vision.
We know how to convey complex and intricate content in an accessible way. Our goal is to create messages that are understandable to clients at every level of the corporate hierarchy. This is crucial because in the business-to-business transactions, purchasing decisions are made by many people with different levels of technology knowledge.
  • Managing the presence in the Polish media. 
Strategic PR in this industry requires a precise understanding and navigation of the landscape of Polish media. It is important to choose the publication venues for brand materials – both in industry and national media. We help you to identify key journalists, authorities, and influential figures, and then build relationships with them. We ensure that your brand is visible in the right media with the appropriate content.
  • Building the image of brand representatives. 
In the business-to-business technology industry, it is essential not only to focus on the brand itself, but also on its representatives. Our PR and marketing agency supports companies in building a trustworthy image of employees and individuals who represent the company in the media in Poland and globally.

Tools we use in creating communication plan in the Polish market

  • White papers.
  • Media relations (press releases, interviews, press conferences, exclusive articles).
  • Social media (especially a comprehensive communication strategy on LinkedIn and engaging company employees in proactivity on social media platforms).
  • Content creating (a corporate blog, infographics, etc.).
  • Event management (organizing events and sponsoring strategic events).
  • Crisis management.

What sets our PR agency apart?

Thorough preparation Before starting cooperation, our experts conduct a detailed analysis of previous PR communication, competitive actions, and the entire business environment. Based on our research and client-defined goals and needs, we prepare a strategy that focuses on proper communication channels. Clear strategy We create a specific, simple, and transparent strategy (including KPIs). This will show you what to expect from working with us and measure our effectiveness. Alignment with business goals Good PR is not a goal in itself. We ensure that the communication plan we conduct is aligned with the overall brand strategy and ultimately influences company sales. Understanding the industry Our agency team is well-versed in the world of technology – we know how to talk about it and use technology to reach your demanding B2B clients. Looking for an experienced agency that offers business-to-business public relations services in the Polish market? Check out our PR portfolio or contact us now. Let’s start working together on your brand’s success!

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