Anna Sójka

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Years of experience in marketing communications in total



Master’s Degree in Management with a specialisation in Design in Business from the School of Banking in Gdańsk and Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Social Communication with a specialisation in Online Marketing from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

In what I am a master / specialist

Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, copywriting and Social Media Ads

Most willingly implements communication activities in areas such as

Social Media and influencer marketing

Most willingly works for the following industries

beauty, fashion, travel, health, culture

English skills


The greatest professional successes

Running the social media of a global brand on the Polish market and advertising support – beauty industry. High returns on ad conversions.

Contact with the largest Polish influencers and co-operating with them.

Non-professional interests

Travel (a lot) & personal development.