Matylda Setlak

Account Director

Years of experience in marketing communications in total



Master of Arts in Journalism and Communications, specialisation: Advertising and Public Relations, First Class Honours, Jagiellonian University of Cracow;

Master of Arts in History, First Class Honours, Jagiellonian University of Cracow

In what I am a master / specialist

Strategy planning, public relations, copywriting

Most willingly implements communication activities in areas such as

Most willingly works for the following industries

Technology, FMCG, beauty, fashion, health, education, non gov, travel

English skills


The greatest professional successes

Managing approx. 10 gov projects, being featured as expert in 30+ publications, being a trainer, keynote speaker or expert for other marketers, obtaining a few business awards and nominations, being in business for 15 years

Non-professional interests

Movies, fashion, psychology, personal development, reading, travel