Every fifth Polish Internet user aged 19-49 declares that they listen to podcasts. Therefore, it’s no wonder that using podcasts in marketing is becoming increasingly popular among brands from various industries. Learn how to effectively market podcasts in Poland!

Table of contents:

Podcast Statistics in Poland

Using Podcasts in Marketing – Is it Worth It?

Podcast Marketing in Poland – Most Effective Promotion Methods

1. Branded Podcast

2. Collaboration with Podcasters

3. Sponsored Episodes

4. Product Placement

Podcast statistics in Poland

The use of podcast marketing in Poland is growing rapidly. Several million people in Poland are already podcast listeners. According to a Nielsen report prepared for Storytel Polska, 12% of Poles claim to have listened to at least one podcast in the last month, and 7% in the last week. Simultaneously, 85% of Internet users admit to having had some contact with this form of content at least once.

According to research, more men listen to podcasts, making up 54% of all listeners. Young people are the most enthusiastic podcast consumers, with half of them being under the age of 30. The popularity of podcasts in different age groups is also evident in the statistics. 73% of Poles aged 25-34 admit to listening to podcasts, as do 64% of those aged 18-24 and 63% of those aged 35-44. The most popular platforms for listening to favourite podcasts are YouTube (70%) and Spotify (25%).

Polish listeners have varied preferences for podcast content. Dominant categories include news and information (36% of listeners), conversations with famous people (35%), health and lifestyle (34%), and general education (31%). About 1/5 of podcast fans admit to consuming content related to culture, comedy, and crime. Preferred themes also vary somewhat depending on gender, with women more likely to listen to crime podcasts, while men prefer political and business content.

How Poles listen to podcasts

Using podcasts in marketing – Is it worth It?

It’s definitely worth it. What’s more, podcast marketing is well-received by listeners. This is an interesting difference compared to other types of ads that can be irritating to Internet users. 69% of Polish podcast listeners claim to accept episodes and entire series sponsored by brands. 68% of them have no issue with recommendations made in podcasts, and 63% are fine with episodes created in collaboration with a brand.

Podcasters in Poland have long evolved into a unique group of influencers. Listeners often perceive them as authorities, even for purchasing decisions, and are willing to buy products advertised in episodes. Poles agree that the unobtrusive presentation of a product in a podcast doesn’t deter them from listening, and the nature of this format allows brands to promote themselves authentically.

Moreover, the podcast format facilitates content consumption and engages the emotions of the listener. Research shows that Poles usually listen to podcasts during various activities such as cleaning, walking, sports, and even work. This is a great field for brands to tap into for communication, brand awareness, establishing an expert image, and disseminating knowledge about their offerings.

Podcast marketing in Poland – Most effective promotion methods

Due to the wide range of podcast themes and the possibilities offered by this format, there are four main methods for promoting a brand through podcasts in Poland:

1. Branded podcast:

Create a podcast that’s associated with your brand and is entirely produced by your representatives and those collaborating with your brand.

Educational podcasts are particularly effective. Brands can create a podcast to share knowledge related to their industry while subtly introducing information about their products or services. This approach increases brand awareness and builds an expert image.

2. Collaboration with podcasters or well-known individuals:

Podcast marketing doesn’t always require creating your own podcast, as it might be challenging for your brand. In such cases, partnering with established podcasters, influencers, well-known journalists, or other podcast creators can be a successful approach.

These individuals already have experience and can attract an audience genuinely interested in your content.

3. Sponsored episodes:

Brands are increasingly engaging in longer or ongoing partnerships with podcasters who already have their podcasts. The type of collaboration and the terms are determined by the creativity of both sides.

Sometimes, brands dedicate several episodes to their products, while in other cases, it might be just a fragment. This method also includes episodes featuring brand representatives as experts.

4. Product placement:

This is the least costly way to use podcast marketing, but it can also be less effective. The key is to choose the right podcast for collaboration. It’s important for the podcast’s audience demographics to align with your brand’s target audience, and the listeners should be engaged with the content.

Gathering information on past collaborations and their results from podcasters can also be beneficial.

Using podcasts to promote your brand is an intriguing way to gain loyal customers who will stay with your brand for the long term and become its natural ambassadors. If you’re interested in utilising podcast marketing, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your brand!

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