Cheap airline tickets, a convenient system for booking hotels or private flats, and the growing popularity of remote work, make more and more people in Poland decide to live on the go. On Instagram or YouTube we can find many influencers who share this lifestyle with others. Some of them are even followed by hundreds of thousands of users. Which companies in the travel sector can benefit from this trend? Which Polish travel influencers are worth cooperating with? What are the popular advertising methods? Let us give you a hint! 

Table of contents:

  1. Who can benefit from working with travel influencers?
  2. Polish travel Instagrammers
  3. Polish YouTubers
  4. Polish travel bloggers

1. Who can benefit from working with travel influencers?

American research shows that influencers have a huge impact on our travel plans. As many as 57% of Generation Z and 54% of millennials confirm that they choose their holiday destinations based on YouTube videos or pretty pictures on Instagram. It looks very similar in Poland. Influencers are not only about inspiring content, but also about great storytelling that encourages you to learn about cultures and discover new corners of the world. No wonder that the popularity of travel channels or blogs is constantly growing, and marketers want to take advantage of this trend.

Which companies can successfully work with Polish travel influencers? The sector is quite broad:

  • Airlines and airports,
  • Bus and railway lines, carriers, ferry operators, 
  • Travel agencies and brokers, 
  • Hotels and other accommodation, 
  • Tourist guides,
  • Cities (cooperation with e.g. municipalities),
  • Museums and tourist attractions,
  • Organisers of festivals and travel workshops.
  • Producers of clothing and food (e.g. tourist, but also local),
  • Producers of travel-related accessories (e.g. climbing and camping accessories, suitcases, travel bags, etc.),
  • Manufacturers of photographic or film equipment,
  • Companies offering currency exchange services.

Although a few years ago Poland was dominated mainly by travel blogs, today Polish travel influencer marketing is focused on Instagram and YouTube. From the marketer’s point of view, the most valuable influencers will of course be those who are present on several platforms simultaneously. This makes it easier to plan a comprehensive, multi-channel campaign and to tailor specific publications to a given target group. 

2. Polish travel Instagrammers

List of the most popular Polish travel influencers on Instagram:

  • Busem przez świat 
  • voyage_provocateur
  • whatannawears
  • Przez świat na Fazie
  • BezPlanu
Sponsored post by Kinder Country brand on Polish travel instagrammer Sama Przez Świat

How can you work with them?

  • Sponsored posts,
  • Mentions in Insta Stories,
  • Contests with prizes,
  • Giveaways for followers,
  • Discount codes for fans,
  • Use of influencer in own ads and on brand’s social media profile,
  • Temporary takeover of brand profiles by the influencer, 
  • Longer-term ambassadorship or image cooperation.

3. Polish youtubers travelling

List of the most popular Polish travel influencers on YouTube:

  • Podróże busem przez świat 
  • Przez świat na Fazie
  • BezPlanu
  • Kamil – In Travel
  • Globstory

How can you work with them?

  • Dedicated sponsored video,
  • Single product placement,
  • A series of travel vlogs with product placement,
  • Contests with prizes or giveaways for viewers, 
  • Discount codes for viewers, 
  • Longer ambassadorship or branding partnerships.
Film by the Globstory travel channel in cooperation with the Polish brand Browar Namysłów 

4. Polish travel bloggers

List of the most popular Polish travel bloggers:

  • Wędrowne Motyle 
  • Podróż 
  • LosWiaheros
  • Busem przez świat 
  • Paragon z podróży

How can you work with them? 

  • Dedicated sponsored articles or series of articles,
  • Competitions with prizes or giveaways, 
  • Affiliate links,
  • Discount codes for readers, 
  • Longer-term ambassador or image partnerships.

The best results are achieved through extensive campaigns spread over several stages and using different platforms to reach the audience. Are you looking for a Polish marketing agency that knows the travel influencer market in Poland extremely well? If you want to reach Polish customers with Polish influencer marketing, contact our experts. We will be happy to discuss your needs, find the right influencers and plan a campaign from A to Z. 

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