The fundamental role of Public Relations is to build awareness and the loyalty of customers, as well as increase the position of the brand on a market. This is not possible without the creation of good relations with the whole environment. A PR plan is, of course, the key. Public Relations concern a very wide group of its recipients including media, influencers, public figures, competitors and potential clients. What PR activities are worth using when communicating with Poles? Here are some practices that have worked well in Polish PR.

Tell your story

The art of telling stories about the brand displaces traditional marketing media messages. It is not only emotionally engaging, but it also lets people know the brand (in a way the brand wants to say about itself). This allows PR specialists to create an atmosphere of uniqueness around the brand, build its identity and engage their audience. Both the media and the audience love amazing, true stories. An incredible story about the company is also easy to remember and stays in our memory for a long time. Furthermore, it helps to easily associate the creators themselves with their brand.

This kind of PR activity was used by Local Heroes – a Polish clothing brand. From a small streetwear company, they became a very recognizable brand in Poland. All this thanks to a piece of their history; when Justin Bieber appeared on the street wearing one of their shirts! When the owners of Local Heroes told the whole story of how it happened, all Polish media were talking about them. The brand quickly became recognizable throughout the country.

Choose the brand ambassadors carefully

Poles are a very specific nationality when it comes to their attitude towards media people and all the influencers. Because of this fact, the selection of brand ambassadors must be deeply considered. In Poland, not every person who is loved by journalists is also loved by the audience. A perfect brand ambassador has to be respected by both these groups. They should also be communicative and have an impeccable reputation. Polish PR specialists who work for Adidas did a very good job of choosing fitness-person Ewa Chodakowska as an ambassador for the brand. She has a group of devoted fans, and is respected by both the media industry and sports industry. Her name is always associated with Adidas.

Do not think only about your brand

When you plan PR activities, sometimes it’s worth breaking the mould – staying away from the schematic thinking of your company only and what benefits selective activities will bring.  Poles are very involved in charity and Polish media are also keen to engage in publicizing such topics. From time to time… just help the others.  That is what Bosch did. The “Koci Azyl” foundation, which runs an animal shelter, posted on Facebook a picture of their kittens and asked for support. It turned out that the organization needed a new washing machine.

“The fate of animals is really close to us. That’s why we will gladly give you a new washing machine, as well as a vacuum cleaner to help you cope with ubiquitous fur” – wrote representatives of the company under  the foundation’s photo.

The reaction of Bosch was received positively by the internet users from Poland, who declared to become Bosch customers. This topic has also turned up in the media, both online and traditional.

Be unconventional

Polish Public Relations can require some stronger instruments. Sometimes you have to be slightly provocative to interest Poles. A good example of this kind of action was a PR campaign by the World Wide Fund for Nature Poland. The organization sent to Polish female journalists information about the launch of a new beauty brand called 3200. The press material contained a sample of a cream with tiger fat.  It also described the product’s innovation and surprisingly explained that… 3200 is not the real brand’s name, but the number of endangered tigers.

The campaign turned out to be provocative but also very effective, surprising and highly emotional. Information about the campaign spread from the media (including lifestyle and beauty bloggers and press) to the public. From time to time a little shock may work really well.

If you are looking for a Polish marketing agency that will help you make a good Public Relations plan and find all the PR activities that will work in your business, contact us. Let us help you build a recognizable brand using the best PR methods.

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