Although executing influencer marketing campaigns all over the world looks quite similar – there are some local nuances that you should be aware of. Here are the best practices of influencer marketing in Poland. What to look out for when planning and executing a campaign with Polish influencers? Brace yourself!

Table of contents:

  • Before you start, define your objectives
  • Choosing the right influencers for your campaign
  • Campaign preparation – what to look for
  • Authenticity is the key to successful influencer marketing in Poland
  • Proper tagging of cooperation
  • Cooperation with Polish influencer marketing agency

Before you start, define your objectives

For any successful influencer marketing campaign, it is important to ensure that its objectives are clear, specific, and measurable. Therefore, before you even start your search for Polish influencers, you need to know what you want to achieve.

Such objectives could be, for example:

  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Increasing social media following.
  • Increasing engagement on the brand profiles.
  • Generate new leads.

Then assign KPIs, ie key performance indicators, to the objectives.

Such KPIs could be:

  • A specific number of new followers on the profile obtained after the campaign implementation.
  • The percentage of increase in the level of engagement.
  • A specific number of conversions or clicks.
  • A specific increase in sales.

Pro tip from a Polish comms agency:

Never start a campaign by talking to influencers! Developing at least a baseline strategy (including objectives, KPIs, budget, and campaign messaging) puts you in a much better negotiating position.

Choosing the right influencers for your campaign

Look for influencers who match your brand values and aesthetics, and have an engaged community. Although it is not a very common thing in Poland, there are still cases of influencers who buy fake followers. Working with such talents is not a good idea, of course.

Analysing the statistics, engagement, and demographics of the followers, as well as assessing the style of post creation, will help you assess the influencer’s potential.

All it takes is a few steps:

  • Research authenticity and engagement (e.g. using the Socialblade tool).
  • Perform a qualitative analysis – track the Polish-language internet for comments about the influencer. You can use tools like Brand24 for this.
  • Analyse past campaigns on the influencer’s profile.

Pro tip from a Polish PR agency:

In Poland, collaborations with nano- and micro-influencers are very popular. This is often undertaken by smaller brands that prefer to divide their budget between several smaller creators instead of a big one or do barters.

Preparing a campaign – what to look for

The influencer (or the person or a management company representing them) may ask you for a brief for the campaign. Producing a proper brief for an influencer is 50% of the success. At the same time, our agency always recommends that brands allow for full creative control. The influencer knows their audience best. There is no point in imposing too rigid requirements. On the other hand, certain aspects should be taken care of, such as the wording of key brand messages. 

Authenticity – the key to successful influencer marketing in Poland

Overly salesy and pushy content can discourage Polish audiences and even lead to an image crisis for the influencer or the brand itself. So it is better to allow the influencer the freedom to incorporate the brand into their content, keeping it natural and authentic. The Domestos brand campaign featuring Aleksandra Żuraw received quite a lot of negative feedback. Her creation of a DIY T-shirt using strong toilet cleaning detergents did not go down well with her followers.

Alexandra Zuraw’s post on Instagram in collaboration with the Domestos brand

If there is an image inconsistency between your product and the influencer, the chance of the campaign being successful decreases. The creators you work with must not have an image that contradicts your brand philosophy – even if they are experts in the industry. Poles are very sensitive to artificiality online, and more and more Poles are limiting the number of influencers they follow.

Correct labeling of cooperation

Clear labeling of each collaboration is a legal requirement in Poland. Failure to label a promotion on social media is punishable by a fine against the influencer and the agency, which can reach up to €50,000,000. In addition, more and more Poles are reporting incorrectly labeled promotional content by influencers to the UOKiK (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection).

The recipients of the campaign need to be clear that they are dealing with a promotion and not a spontaneous recommendation for a brand. On YouTube, there is an option to indicate that the material contains paid placement. On platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, the influencer is required to tag the content with a visible hashtag, such as #advertising, #sponsoredpost, #advertisingmaterial, #sponsoredmaterial, #advertisingcooperation, #paidcooperation etc.

Cooperation with an agency

If you do not have any experience in effective influencer marketing in the Polish market – we advise you not to throw yourself in at the deep end. Many brands try to coordinate such campaigns themselves directly with influencers or agencies representing them. The results are sometimes mixed. The ill-considered choice of an inappropriate creator risks not only wasting the budget but also more serious image consequences. It is not worth the risk. A safer option is to turn to an influencer marketing agency that knows the best practices of influencer marketing in Poland.

Advantages of working with an agency:

  • Knowledge of the market and prevailing rates

Experts who have been in the market for years are familiar with its realities, as well as the prevailing rates in influencer marketing in Poland. When brands plan activities on their own, they often waste a lot of time sending offers to creators they simply cannot afford.

  • Knowledge of influencers and current trends

A good agency will help you select influencers with a good reputation and also offer their creative ideas for your campaign. Experts in influencer marketing also have access to the tools needed to properly vet influencers.

  • Assistance in contacting influencers

A Polish agency is invaluable support when negotiating, providing a brief, and defining the terms of the brand-influencer collaboration.

  • Everything under control

The agency plays a big role not only during the initial arrangements but also in the implementation of the strategy of working with influencers in Poland – for example, keeping an eye on whether the creators produce content based on the brief provided.

If you want comprehensive support from a Polish agency with extensive experience in influencer marketing in Poland write to us. We will take care of everything for you – from selecting the right influencers to negotiating and planning the campaign, right through to its implementation.

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