There are already more than half a million Poles working in technology, and foreign companies are outdoing themselves in attracting top talent. Without effective employer branding communication, however, this may not work – and there is hardly a more graceful social platform for employer branding than LinkedIn. What does employer branding on LinkedIn look like in the technology industry in Poland?

Table of contents

  • Building the employer’s image
  • Talent acquisition and recruitment
  • Presenting the organisation’s culture
  • Building leadership
  • Employees as brand advocates

Employer image building

For foreign technology companies operating in Poland, building a credible employer image is the main method to attract local talent. A company’s profile on LinkedIn is often the most important platform for this strategy. Such content is not only attractive to potential contractors or investors, but also to potential candidates.

For effective employer branding on LinkedIn, it is essential to create a well-thought-out Employer Value Proposition (EVP), i.e. the unique benefits offered to employees, such as development opportunities, work atmosphere, culture or organisational values. It is also important to adapt the content to the local market, taking into account cultural and linguistic aspects.

Sii Poland’s entry on joining the signatories of the Diversity Charter is an example of consciously building a positive employer image.

Practical tips:

  • The EVP (the most important element of an employer branding strategy) must be tailored to the Polish labour market. If you want to find out what Poles value most in a job, take a look at current reports such as “Happiness at Work for Poles” from Jobhouse and Great Digital Agencies.
  • Regularly publish content that showcases the unique qualities of your employer brand in practice, such as openness, innovation, or social engagement.
  • Create posts or short videos in which employees talk about their experience of working at the company.

Talent search and recruitment

One of the main challenges for technology brands in Poland is attracting local talent with the right competencies and experience. Competition in the Polish technology industry is considerable – Poland is one of the three most competitive IT markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

How do you find those diamonds? Employer branding on LinkedIn offers advanced search tools that allow you to precisely filter candidates. Ads and job offers can be personalised based on user behaviour – and this makes recruitment more effective. It is also worthwhile sharing content on internship and apprenticeship programmes. This is where it is not uncommon to ‘catch’ top talent who will expand the company’s ranks.

Comarch entry announcing the start of its IT internship programme.

Practical tips:

  • Make use of the advanced filter functions in LinkedIn’s recruitment tools. This will help you accurately identify the profile of the candidate you are looking for.
  • Tailor job offers to specific positions.
  • Introduce virtual recruitment meetings to facilitate the recruitment process for candidates from Poland.

Presenting the organisation’s culture

A good strategy on LinkedIn in Poland plays a huge role in presenting the company’s values and mission to the outside world. Let’s face it – few candidates look for this information on the website. Part of this can be showing what employees’ daily lives are like. It is worth sharing updates on events, trips, and projects. Showcasing a supportive and inclusive company culture attracts people who are looking for such a working environment.

LinkedIn is also often used to share the successes of individual employees. Publishing news about their current projects, promotions, awards, or interesting achievements is always a good idea. Employees should have an active role in creating communication on LinkedIn.

Huawei Enterprise Poland entry reporting on an internal event the Huawei IT Elite Club.

Employees as brand advocates

Employees are the most powerful advocates for any brand. In the Polish technology industry, which relies heavily on referrals and recommendations, this is particularly important. Encouraging employees to get involved in creating brand content on LinkedIn, sharing experiences, or promoting job offers strengthens the employer’s brand.

A person recommending a company they work for on LinkedIn is an invaluable asset. Potential candidates are quicker to trust the opinion of real people than faceless marketing material published on an official profile.

CD Project RED entry announcing a webinar hosted by one of the company’s representatives.

Practical tips:

  • Reward employees for engaging in brand profile posts.
  • Encourage employees to share their knowledge (e.g. about the industry or trends) on their profiles.
  • Encourage former employees to give feedback on their work at the company.

Building leadership

Expert content created by employees allows the company to build a reputation as a leader with the best professionals in the industry. The promotion of virtual events and webinars, where experts share their knowledge, also works well here, attracting the attention of other professionals associated with the Polish technology industry.

An employer branding strategy in technology can also go beyond activities related to the employer brand itself. It is worth supporting the personal branding of employees in parallel, creating them as authorities in the industry.

Asseco Poland video summarising the Capital Market Leaders Academy.

Practical tips:

  • Support personal branding of those working in the company.
  • Regularly publish content related to innovations implemented and ongoing successes.
  • Boast about the presence of company representatives at important industry events, trade fairs, or conferences – especially if they have served as speakers.

No social media platform works as well for employer branding as LinkedIn. Do you work at an HR department of a technology company and want to leverage the potential of LinkedIn and attract top talent from Poland? Get in touch with us – we have years of experience in creating effective employer branding strategies for tech brands.

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