Influencer marketing in Poland is currently one of the most often chosen types of online promotions for brands. Currently, this market is very diverse, and the most popular Polish influencers can boast a reach of up to several million fans. Who are the biggest Polish influencers in particular sectors? Let’s find out!

Public figures and celebrities

Our list of top influencers in Poland begins with celebrities known from television, movies, entertainment, and music who have built a community on social media. Thanks to their Internet activity (mainly on Instagram), they work not only in their profession but also in social media – for example, by collaborating with brands or becoming their ambassadors. The advantage of working with such well-known individuals is that they are recognisable both on the Internet and beyond.  

Considering the reach on Instagram (the number of followers and fan engagement on the profile), the most famous celebrity is undoubtedly Anna Lewandowska – the wife of footballer Robert Lewandowski. Also, many Polish musicians have plenty of Instagram fans, such as Doda, Sylwia Przybysz, Roksana Węgiel, and Sanah. Instagram users in Poland also hold a keen interest in Klaudia Halejcio (actress), Joanna Krupa (TV presenter and model), Julia Wieniawa (actress and singer), and Martyna Wojciechowska (journalist and traveler).

Polish sports influencers

Robert Lewandowski is the unquestionable leader in this category. The footballer, who plays for FB Barcelona and captains the Polish national football team, is the most-followed Pole on Instagram. Over the past few years, a popularity comparable to Lewandowski’s on social media has also been achieved by the young Polish tennis player, Iga Świątek. Both of them have fans not only from Poland but also from other countries. They consistently collaborate with top brands such as Rolex and Huawei.

In the category of athletes, the list of Instagram influencers in Poland also includes Ewa Chodakowska (fitness influencer), Joanna Jędrzejczyk (MMA fighter), and recently, Maja Kuczyńska (indoor and outdoor skydiver and current Red Bull athlete). Other Polish footballers such as Wojciech Szczęsny, Sebastian Szymański, and Matty Cash also boast significant popularity on Instagram in Poland. Each of them currently has approximately one million followers on this platform.

Polish YouTubers

It’s difficult to categorise top influencers into one category. Most online content creators – regardless of their niche – build their communities across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. However, some creators began their careers on YouTube and have dominated on this platform until now. The undisputed “king” of the platform for several years now has been Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski. Not only does he create content on his channel, but he has also built groups of YouTubers such as Ekipa or Genzie. The YouTubers like Wiktoria “Kartonii” Bochnak, Patryk “Mortalcio” Baran, Mateusz “Tromba” Trąbka or Bartek “Świeży” Laskowski originate from these groups. The target audience demographics of their content are pretty young. Most of their fans are teenagers. 

Friz’s biggest “competitor” is Czvjnik, also known as Sebastian Czajewski.  Both of them produce entertainment content inspired by similar formats from abroad. Additionally, YouTuber Budda, who focuses on automotive content, and Konopskyy, belonging to the “commentary” category, enjoy incredibly vast popularity on the platform as well. Considering only the number of subscribers in Poland, the list also includes channels like Blowek, ReZigiusz, and Naruciak (although they may not achieve as many views as they did several years ago).

Top influencers on Instagram

On the list of the top 3 most-followed Instagram accounts in Poland are, already mentioned Robert and Anna Lewandowski, along with the controversial celebrity Caroline Derpieński (there are suspicions that her followers are bought). However, some influencers focus their Internet activity primarily on this platform. The most popular content creator, with the highest number of followers on Instagram, is Friz’s fiancée, Weronika “Wersow” Sowa.

Other top influencers associated with famous influencer groups (such as Ekipa, Genzie, and Team X) – Marcysia Ryskala, Julia Kostera, Monika Kociołek, Julia Żugaj, and Natalia “Natsu” Karczmarczyk – have significant engagement on Instagram as well. Aga Grzelak, Deynn, and Ola Nowak also enjoy considerable popularity on this platform. However, it’s worth noting that most of them also operate simultaneously on other social media platforms, such as YouTube. The range of their brand collaborations is very broad. They advertise everyday products, food, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, services, and many more.

Although Instagram is a platform dominated by women, every Instagram influencer ranking in Poland also includes men, such as Jaś Dąbrowski (YouTuber), Mini Majk (YouTuber), Malik Montana (musician), Wujek Luki (YouTuber), Dawid Kwiatkowski (musician), and Dominik Rupiński (TikToker).

Industry influencers

Of course, there are also industry influencers associated with a very specific niche in the Polish backyard. Usually, they attract only a specific group of fans interested in a given topic. This is a great opportunity for brands to reach a precisely defined target – industry influencers can most often boast about the great involvement of fans in the content they create on the internet.

Gaming influencers

Such an example could be, for example, e-sports and gaming influencers. Here in Poland the leaders are: Piotr Skowyrski (Izak), Patryk Rojewski (Rojo), and Remigiusz Wierzgoń (reZigiusz). On the list of top gaming influencers with the highest engagement on social media, you’ll also find creators such as Kamil Kaluch, Krystian Maczacza (SmileSlow), Wojan, and Paweł Palion.

Travel influencers

There are plenty of travel influencers in the Polish online community. Marta Gerber from whatsforbreakfast, Anna Skura from whatannawears, and Marta from Voyage Provocateur have trendy Instagram accounts, followed by people not only from Poland. Poles also like to discover new places with the adventures of creators such as Mateusz “Myla” Müller and Bartek Czukiewski (who runs the YouTube travel channel, BezPlanu).

Beauty and fashion influencers

In the Polish beauty and fashion world, the list of the most popular influencers with the most followers on social media has remained unchanged for years. In this category, the biggest inspirations for Poles are Red Lipstick Monster (a makeup YouTuber), Jessica Mercedes (fashion blogger), Agnieszka Grzelak (lifestyle and makeup YouTuber), and Adrianna Muranowicz – True Beauty Is Internal. They have the highest engagement rate, and the brands they collaborate with are not limited to clothing and cosmetics.

Polish TikTokers 

Polish influencers from TikTok are also becoming more and more popular. In recent years, their importance in the market has significantly increased. Essentially, any brand looking to start a collaboration with TikTokers can easily explore the platform, filter influencers, and select someone suitable. This is because today the platform is popular among various locations, age groups, and genders. In the top ranks of TikTokers in Poland with the highest number of followers are: Sebastian and Hubert Kuc (Twin Style), Franciszek Bielak, Maria Jeleniewska, Marlena Sojka, and Kinga Sawczuk.

Lexy Chaplin, Przemysław Kucyk, and influencers known from other platforms such as Hanna Puchalska, Kinga Banaś, and Bartek Laskowski also enjoy significant popularity on TikTok. It’s worth knowing them – in our opinion, TikTok and short-form video content are the future of communications. Not only because of its accessible format (perfect for reaching a young audience) but also because creating and posting content is much less time-consuming than, for example, recording average video content for YouTube.

Top Polish influencers popular in 2023 and 2024

In April 2024, the newest edition of the ‘Ranking of Polish Influencers‘ by InfluTool in collaboration with SeeBloggers was released. The ranking took into account the number of followers, popularity, engagement, and profile visits across various platforms in the given year. In the top 10 list for 2023, besides the names already mentioned in this article, the following were also included:

  • Hanna Puchalska (Hi Hania) – a YouTuber known for being part of the Genzie influencer group (1 mln followers on Instagram).
  • Irena Mąsior (mili0nerka) – a comedian, active on the TikTok (1.6 mln followers).
  • Olga Grzebielec – a fitness content creator, TikToker (currently with over 970K followers). 
  • Mateusz Skitek (TechnoSfera) – a creator focusing on technology topics, (989K subscribers on YouTube and 1.3 mln on TikTok. 
  • Książulo – a YouTuber whose channel was one of the most-watched food video content in 2023 (1,27 mln subscribers).


As you can see, the influencer market in Poland is very diverse. To plan an effective influencer marketing campaign, it is worth considering not only the size of the channels but also many other factors. If you need help from a PR agency that has experience in planning and conducting campaigns with influencers from Poland, contact us. We’ll help you attract new customers within your chosen demographic!

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