Trendy w polskim social media marketingu, które zdominują 2023 rok

What trends will dominate Polish social media marketing in 2023? Content personalisation,
short-form video, ESG-based strategies or perhaps the next iteration of AI? An insightful
answer to this question is able to give your brand a decisive edge in the coming year. And
thus help it stand out against strong competition. So what are the predictions for the coming

Table of contents

● Authenticity as a pillar of effective communication
● Ethics, ecology, inclusiveness, and diversity
● iCommerce on Tik Tok
● Short video formats
● Online events
● Chatbots a strong trend in customer service
● International online trade
● Demand for content creators

Authenticity as a pillar of effective communication

After years of seeing idealised content, photos and videos edited to the limit, Poles are saying
enough! In 2023, authenticity in Polish social media marketing will become more of a
requirement than a mere expectation. What exactly is hidden under this word?
Authenticity, which Polish consumers (especially the younger generations) are looking for so
much in media, is not only understood as the abandonment of edited photos and videos. It also
refers to a consistent and clear brand message about the reality around us.

Over the past year, Poles have encountered a huge wave of fake news in the media – whether
about the ongoing war in Ukraine, the possible effects of the financial crisis, or the return of
the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are tired of having to juggle between what is false and what is
true. They therefore appreciate communication based on authenticity. When building a brand
image in the Polish market in 2023, it will be worthwhile to make a bold statement about
social events. It will prove profitable from a brand perspective to be transparent about
production methods or staff employment conditions.
Poles are turning away from brands whose content they cannot identify with. In social media,
they are looking for content without filters – real personalities, leaders, and life situations. A
good example of the development of this trend is the jump in popularity of the BeReal
platform. An app that allows people to share 2-minute reports published in real time. Live,
shown here and now content is starting to stand out strongly against traditional filtered posts.

2. Ethics, ecology, inclusiveness and diversity – ESG activities

According to a survey conducted by LoveBrands Group and SW Research, as many as 30%
of Polish consumers confirm that they would give up a product of a brand that acts
irresponsibly in terms of environmental protection. Just under 40% declare that brand ethics
have a real impact on their purchasing decisions.
From the latest Ekobarometer – a report compiled by SW Research – we can learn that in the
current economic situation, ecology is giving way to economics. And Poles are implementing
most pro-environmental habits mainly because of the savings they entail. The conclusion?
Poland in 2023 will still be facing the effects of inflation and the economic crisis. The
communication of brands for which ecology is the foundation of their image should therefore
also include purely pragmatic elements. Choosing green products or services will have to be
profitable for the customer (if not in the short term, then in the long term). The mere fact of
choosing an organic product may not be sufficient.
Poles’ expectations of inclusivity in the content around them are slightly different. According
to, on the basis of a survey conducted by Mindshare Polska, almost 60% of

Poles believe that it is important for the theme of equality and inclusiveness to appear in the
media. As many as 40% emphasise that they would like to see more people with disabilities in
media messages. Messages highlighting the equality of people regardless of gender, age,
weight or skin colour are also equally needed. So if you want to plan effective social media
marketing in Poland in 2023 – ESG activities are still the way to go.

3. iCommerce on Tik Tok a key trend for 2023

TikTok is recognised today as the biggest driver of culture and commerce in the life of today’s
consumer. The Influence Trends You Should Care About 2023 report by the Ogilvy agency
shows that these figures do not only apply to younger Generation Z customers – 36% of the
portal’s users are over 30. According to predictions, the platform’s popularity could increase
by up to 15% in the coming year. Projections indicate that in 2024, global ad revenue on
TikTok will even beat that of YouTube.

These figures confirm that one of the key trends in 2023 will be iCommerce, or the influence
economy, which is thriving on TikTok. The hashtag “#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt”, which has
already gained more than 29.3 billion impressions, can serve as a perfect example. The trend
of testing purchased products live is positively received by brands and consumers alike. It
provides insight into the campaign at every stage and is extremely effective. Why? People
trust other people more than brands – it allows you to reach the customer directly and build a
thread of authentic understanding.

4. Short video formats

Short films have become a popular phenomenon among younger recipients. It is the Z
generation that is the driving force of the trend, which still plays a key role on the market. The
format has three basic advantages – it is easy to create, inexpensive to make and perfectly
attracts consumers.
Short video is used not only by, (doesn’t say who by) but also by brands that want to make
closer contact with clients. This form is already available on most social networking sites –
from TikTok, through Instagram (reels) to YouTube (shorts). Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn,
improve the available video functions to keep up with new trends.

The video format is also appreciated by global B2B marketing professionals. According to the
latest report 13th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights
for 2023,
78% of content marketers say that video will be the main area in which they will
invest in 2023. This is almost 10% more than last year!

Inwestycje w treści na 2023 rok

5. Online events becoming increasingly popular

In Poland, we can also expect an increase in interest in online events. The pandemic has
forced many companies to hold their product launches, consultations or other types of events
online. And although, after a time of isolation, most of us have welcomed the opportunity to
meet face-to-face again, interest in online events will not wane. The format of webinars or
webinars has been greatly refined over recent times. (webinars have been duplicated)
Many social media features have evolved so that online meetings can be conducted even more
efficiently. Instagram Live Rooms can serve as an example. This format is perfect for
realising question-and-answer content or private lessons and consultations.
During the pandemic, online solutions were considered more of a temporary ‘fallback option’,
but have now become the new standard. Consumers appreciate the convenience that online
events provide. This trend is set to continue in the coming year – we are likely to see even
more online webinars, training, launches and meetings. How can you use them to promote
your brand in the Polish market? You can find out in one of our previous articles.

6. Chatbots a strong trend in customer service

One of the strong trends in the coming year will be the strengthening of social media as a
customer service channel. The pandemic reality has accustomed Polish customers to
contacting brands via social media. It is a quick and convenient way that is now a key element
influencing a positive user experience.
It is important that the exchange of messages between the brand and the customer is as fast as
possible – a direct line of communication allows potential problems to be resolved instantly.
This in turn creates an excellent opportunity to build a positive brand image. Helping
customers publicly and answering their questions is a great part of a PR strategy.
Some of the most popular tools for customer service on social media are automated replies
and chatbots. And it is chatbots that are likely to become even more popular in 2023 – mainly
due to the development of their personalisation. They will not only greet customers, but also
instruct them, thus helping to solve problems. Chatbots will also be tasked with promoting
products tailored to the consumer’s needs, in such a smooth and natural way that the customer
has the impression of talking to a real salesperson.
Chatbots are an excellent tool not only for contact automation, but also for up-selling and
cross-selling – also in the international version. Cross-selling is another trend for 2023 that
chatbots will be used for. With their help, brands will be able to contact foreign customers in
their native language.

7. International online trade goes from strength to strength

The e-commerce 2022 report by Gemius Poland clearly shows that Poles have grown fond of
online shopping. They perceive online shopping as fast, convenient and safe. The report
shows that as many as 77% of Poles use this form of shopping, 75% of which use a mobile
phone for this purpose. The growing popularity of e-commerce is generating new needs. Both
online shops and social media are looking for new solutions that can effectively support sales.
One of the resulting trends in e-commerce is cross-border, or international trade.
Local markets are increasingly proving insufficient for entrepreneurs, so they are choosing to
expand sales abroad. An increasing number of platforms are trying to meet this need by
making it easier for brands to enter cross-border with profiled tools. Smart translations,
integrations with marketplaces, couriers or logistics service providers make it possible to sell

in markets all over the world. This presents a huge opportunity for brands that want to expand
and conquer the Polish market.

8. Demand for content creators

The demand for content creators in 2023 is set to grow, according to CMI research.
Copywriters, graphic designers, photographers or video creators for social media will be
among the professionals most sought after by brands and organisations. But can’t we use the
increasingly popular AI generators? We can, but with rather poor results. Generically created
content still fails to meet the demands of the audience. They are often inaccurate, full of
linguistic and factual errors and not aligned with the brand’s communication strategy.
Paid advertising in social media prepared by specialists guarantees much better results. It is
therefore no surprise that more than half of companies are planning to increase their social
media advertising budget in 2023. The most popular content nowadays includes graphic and
video formats, which is why you need to be creative when planning your advertising content.
Interesting case studies or ephemeral content only available for a limited time will help you
increase your conversion rate.
Marketers count Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn among the most effective platforms in
achieving their business goals. Experts predict a further increase in advertising traffic on these
portals and, consequently, an increased demand for content creators. If you want to learn more
about effective promotion on LinkedIn in the Polish market, we encourage you to read our
article on the subject.

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