If you are working in the marketing industry or running your own business, you surely know how important visual assets might change a client’s perception of your brands. It is worth remembering that visual information gets to our brain more effectively and can persuade your audience more than anything, even the greatest piece of copywriting.

According to Kissmetrics, over 65% of learners are visual and 90% of the information we digest is in the form of a graphic or video content. Although we can distinguish at least 6 types of visual assets, many of us still struggle to find the best possible tools to work on when it comes to graphic content creation. We have tested a number of them and below is our Top 10 List, which might help with visuals creation at any level of proficiency.


1. Canva for quotes, social media posts, book covers or flyers – good old Canva is still one of the most popular basic graphic designing tools for people who need some pretty pictures with a quote, flyer, social media post, poster or an invitation. Easy to use, affordable- the pictures you can buy for as little as $1 or use a pretty huge library of free templates. In business, with a paid option, you can share your design and work with your team, save your brand’s logos, templates, and use a large library of pictures.

2. PicMonkey – great tool for editing pictures, collages and special effects. If you need a simple touch-up or put a few pictures together, add some fantastic fonts to your design, PicMonkey is the way to go. It is a cloud based, stylish and affordable tool – and free for the basic version.


3. Pablo – is a simple photo editor, made by Buffer, great for social posts, easy to use, free and great for creating quotes, for example

4. Ceros – is a designing tool for interactive content. According to users, it is one of the best tools for creating beautiful infographics.


5. Vennage is another free infographic maker which in 3 simple steps allows the creation of professional graphics by using their templates, adding some charts and customizing designs.

6. Visme – if you are looking for a tool which makes pretty presentations, reports, or infographics, Visme is one of those creators that allows the attachment of some animations, voiceover, create great graphics either for free with a limitation of 3 designs per month, or for as little as $10 per month for 18 design projects.


7. Screenflow video editing and screen recording tool which goes the extra mile, not only can you record your screen, but edit and polish-up your pieces too.

8. Infogram – popular tool for charts, reports and infographics creation.


9. Recite This – very popular tool for creating well designed quotes, can be used for social media and blog. You can use a variety of ready- made templates.

10. Pictaculous – one of the most popular tools for creating colour palettes. Very useful tool for any marketer working on a new branding book. After uploading your favourite picture, you have a colour palette to use in your design.


 Margaret A. Szwed

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