Estimates indicate that the PR industry in Poland is growing in strength from year to year. This trend is noticeable not only in statistics and budgets allocated by clients to communication, but primarily in the quality of services rendered and their scope. One of the most important elements of this market is the agency’s professionalization in specific areas.

Diversification on the Polish PR market is noticeable not only among large companies. Even small agencies focus on so-called area planning, which has a significant impact on the high quality of services and their standardisation. The offer of entities operating in the PR industry is also changing; nowadays being primarily focused on digital activities and the use of new media in communication.

Advisory market

According to market observations, as well as analyses, from among others, the « World PR Report 2020 » (International Communications Consultancy Organization), in the PR industry great emphasis is placed on strategic consulting. It is no different in the case of the Polish market, where this tendency is also more marked. Customers expect not only efficient communication here and now, but above all, strategic planning in the long term.

The growing importance of Public Relations in business space has also been observed. Companies see the potential in communication activities, which only a few years ago were reduced to responding only to a crisis. Today, public relations specialists or external entities providing this kind of service have become real business partners, not only of huge corporations operating in Poland, but also of new companies wishing to enter the market and building their strong position.


Corporate Social Responsibility is also developing intensively in Poland – it was once implemented only by companies with foreign capital that had transferred these principles from their home countries. Today, we live in a completely different reality, when CSR becomes the norm and not an action reserved for the few. Polish companies, working with PR agencies or their own specialists, thoroughly analyse the market, creating the principles of corporate social responsibility and supporting various activities, taking into account, inter alia, social interests and environmental protection.

This issue was of particular interest to companies from many industries, among others due to the global pro-ecological trend and implementation of solutions aimed at protecting the environment against its degradation. It is enough to mention the action organised by an insurance company – « Bicycle instead of a car » or limiting the number of packages, implemented by a large company from the FMCG sector.

CSR in Poland is currently a series of activities for sustainable development and support of specific social groups. Among other things, numerous foundations set up by companies serve this purpose. Grant programmes, announced by these entities, allow investing funds in a specific purpose, for example scholarships for students, or improving the living conditions of people with disabilities. Project implementers are most often NGOs, applying for funds and then transferring support to the final beneficiaries.

Modern brand reputation management and internal communication

The Polish PR market is also powerful in digitisation, and thus, modern brand reputation management. Public Relations agencies or specialists employed in companies are intensifying their activities not only in traditional media, but primarily in electronic publishers, to which communication is increasingly transferred. One of the most important issues related to brand reputation management is social media, used today by 47% of Poles present on the Internet (data from the « Digital 2019 » report, developed by Hootsuite and We Are Social).

Being aware of the tremendous strength inherent in social media, PR specialists focus their activities on brand promotion in these publishers, as well as on effective communication with clients. The value of social channels is appreciated by almost all enterprises focusing on the development of this form of promotion, as well as professionalising the way of communicating with stakeholders. On the canvas of the growing interest in the Internet, and more specifically social media, many agencies have been created, specialising in this field, which conduct effective promotional and information activities on behalf of their clients.
The popularity of social media is inextricably linked to a change in the way of internal communication. Digitization is also noticeable in this aspect on the Polish market. There are no traditional ways of communicating within the company, i.e., letters, e-mails, company newspapers or intranets. However, closed groups created for employees in social media and applications for task management and corporate communication are becoming more and more popular.

Observation of the Public Relations sector in Poland leads to the conclusion that it is an industry with significant development dynamics. According to research, there is an upward trend every year in the budgets allocated to PR activities, and thus the revenues of individual agencies. The market is becoming more professional, which is a direct consequence of changing trends in public relations as well as increasing competitiveness. Today, PR activities are diversified into many channels, including mainly the Internet, thanks to which communication, brand management, promotion or crisis activities are conducted professionally, efficiently and effectively, in accordance with Polish and global standards.

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