Will Poles remain faithful to the tradition of Christmas?

Commercialisation of holidays according to 47% of Poles is the main reason for changes in holiday customs and preparations. Every third of us replaces traditional gifts with vouchers and gift cards, and 37% ask loved ones about gift preferences, afraid of failure.

According to 40%, we focus mainly on the preparation itself, losing the idea of ​​Christmas.

As the results of the study “Changes in the customs and preferences of Poles’ holidays”, carried out by the Gift Dreams website, show, we are still succumbing to the craziness of December shopping and feverish preparations for Christmas.

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Fear of failure and convenience affect the selection of gifts

For every third Pole, buying presents for loved ones is still a challenge. This is due to the fact that we are afraid of failure in choosing a gift, it takes us too much time and we often do not know what the gift preferences are for the people we want to give to.

According to 27% of Poles, we have become more comfortable in offering vouchers and gift cards for gifts. As 23% emphasizes, instead of material gifts, we prefer those that allow loved ones to develop passions or have a good time.

Technologies change holiday customs

As 45% of respondents reveal, we buy gifts more and more online – without breaking our smartphones, we look for holiday opportunities and ideas for gifts. We also mainly draw culinary inspirations and recipes from the Internet, as 32% of respondents emphasize.

According to 15%, the shepherdess is increasingly watched on television instead of personally participating in it, and we wish our wishes mainly through social media.

Every third Pole admits that during Christmas they try to refrain from spending Christmas with a phone in their hand, but unfortunately, usually without success.

Preparation madness is reflected in the celebration of Christmas

Every third Pole out of 1015 respondents to the survey of the Gift Dreams website perceives holidays as a madness of preparation and less and less time to celebrate them.

The pace of life and stress translates into the reception of holidays, but still for 30% of us they are still the most beautiful moments of the year, with a unique atmosphere. According to 28% of respondents, it is a time when shopping fever mainly lasts.

Only 9% of surveyed Poles admit that during the holidays they try to stop for a moment in the everyday race.

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The most beautiful moments that we want to celebrate during Christmas are feasting at the Christmas table – 29% answered, dressing the Christmas tree – 22%, and giving gifts – 21%.

Although technology and the commercial approach to holidays affect their reception, as many as 72% of Poles asked by the Gift Dreams portal declared they want to celebrate Christmas traditionally, i.e. at home with family.

We increase the Christmas budget every year

Almost half of the survey respondents declared that every year they increase the budget for preparations for the holidays, of which 43% explicitly admit that they like to go crazy in December, and 5% do not count the amounts spent so as not to be upset.

For 43%, it’s important to watch over expenses and spend more. Only 7% of respondents say directly that they celebrate Christmas, modestly. December madness is financed by 46% of respondents from current income, and every third Pole from savings.

For 10%, the Christmas shopping fever requires debt on credit cards, 6% uses a loan or takes payday loans, 4% borrows from family or friends.

Life in a continual rush, stress accompanying us and too little time for loved ones means that in the upcoming Christmas holidays Poles want to find a moment of peace and feel a special atmosphere.

Despite the ubiquitous technologies, the popularity of social media and the irreplaceable role of the Internet, where we are looking for inspiration for gifts, dishes and home decor – as many as 72% of Poles remain traditionalists when celebrating Christmas.

* The survey “Changes in the customs and preferences of Poles’ holidays” was carried out by the Presentations Dream portal on a sample of 1015 respondents in the form of an online survey in November 2019.

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