Ethnic marketing is always a challenge, especially when it comes to promoting a foreign brand in the UK. First of all, you have to take into account that, on the whole, you have to appeal to the audience that knows the brand, and then attract a new chunk of the market that doesn’t know the brand even exists.  What is most important in this case is to segment the audience according to their geographical, socio-economic profile, and furthermore, be sensitive to the relevant segment’s culture, beliefs and traditions. That’s why an agency specializing in ethnic marketing is the best choice for any brand willing to attract an ethnic chunk of a market where social diversity is very high.

A saturated market proves to be a particular challenge when it comes to the FMCG sector. In a digital era, marketers face additional issues – finding a way to stand out from the crowd, enhancing brand values, attracting consumers and turning them into loyal advocates in a digital world. One communication mistake might cost you thousands.

How to attract customers in the FMCG market?

One of our clients is a FMCG brand from the cold meats sector. Although a very popular brand in Poland, they also sought a leading position in the UK, where Poles can purchase almost every major brand available in Poland. The competition is very strong and quality of the products is similar.

What was the brief?

Our brief was to attract Poles in the UK to the brand’s cold meat products, and turn happy consumers into advocates of the brand in order to gain a market leader position for first consumer choice when shopping for cold meats; while also raising brand awareness and giving it a family oriented, playful feel.

The challenge of ethnic marketing and brand’s USP recognition in FMCG sector

Due to a diverse offer, the cold meats market is quite saturated and the brand’s USP is rather challenging to establish, as similar products are offered by competitors. Therefore, we had to find a way to attract customers by on-line and off-line activities not directly referring to the product’s features, but appealing to the audience through their values, emotions; meet them where they shop, where they entertain themselves, and where they feel that they belong.

The ethnic marketing strategy led by All 4 Comms

We planned and executed a comms campaign over a few years that included the following: proactive PR activities in consumer media outlets, press releases, food related articles, cooking tips. In social media we led Facebook campaigns, including paid campaigns, and a number of competitions, while we reinforced the brand’s modern feel by using Instagram. We managed several sponsorship events and exhibitions, including sampling, branded pop-up shops, and competitions during family events.  We also ran grassroots distributions, managed competitions in cooperation with Polish media and Saturday schools in the UK. We were also responsible for merchandise and marketing literature production, and organizing photo shoots.


Marketing results and outcome

Due to a concerted team effort, we have managed to leverage social and traditional media potential. We have run several paid campaigns on Facebook, while communicating on a regular basis with consumers on the Facebook fanpage by providing valuable content.

‘Content is king,’ so they say. We strengthened the brand’s exposure by placing experts’ articles in traditional media, and use Instagram for brand recognition purposes. We met Poles at events and during local activities using sponsorship opportunities. Our dedicated team effort has made the brand the most recognized Polish cold meats brand in the UK. What is noticeable is it is the first choice when it comes to a particular group of products, such as frankfurters or sausages. However, there is so much more behind the brand at this time.

By posting recipes, engaging Facebook posts, the fanpage has expanded well beyond a social platform. We have run school workshops, teaching kids how to have fun in the kitchen and use their creativity on a daily basis. By sponsoring a local football team of youngsters, we applied the principal of CSR, while increasing brand awareness and its association with a healthy life style. Taking part in Polish events created not only an opportunity to be closer to our target audience, but also increased interest in the brand and made the brand more recognized within the Polish community in the UK; helping Poles to make conscious and unconscious choices when they shopped for cold meats. The brand’s fanpage is liked by over 42k people who interact with the brand on a daily basis. It is approx. 10 times more fan base than any other Polish brand has ever achieved in the UK! This success was led by our team of creative marketing professionals who put the brand in a leading position, within only a few years.

If you wish to see your brand grow on the British market, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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