In 2018, we tend to think that by now, we have seen it all. Since your digital footprint is a must have for any brand, we all invest in a website. Surprisingly though, every year, there are new trends emerging, leaving us with our digital exposure well behind our competitors. Has this happened to your brand already?

When we think “website” in 2018, we have to remember that it has to look good on any type of screen. Since we all have smartphones, customer attention shifts from laptop or PC screen to mobile, an on the go solution that allows us to browse wherever we are. We can craft your brand’s website in (almost!) no time at all. Regardless of what your requirements are, we have vast experience in creating simple business card-like websites, or those more complicated, requiring animation skills. Apart from designing your website, we can provide stunning, tailored copywriting that enhances your brand’s features, and can also run your visual marketing strategy across all social channels.

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So, what is in store for this year?

According to top graphic designers across the globe, this year we will see:

  1. Shadows and textures – they create the illusion that there is life in the depth of the screen. Flat design is so last decade!


  1. Vibrant colour schemes – after the minimalistic approach of the past few years, the colours are finally emerging! Designers respond to widely available neuroscience data about our response to colours and utilize the better quality of our screens. It is the best time to enhance user experience with colours related to your brand values to make your audience stay longer on your website.


  1. Animated and video background – since we tend to spend more time on-line, designers try to create a new, fascinating world on the World Wide Web to make it even more realistic. As currently all marketers have radar on video marketing, moving websites are a natural way to develop any designer’s effort. Motion graphics are increasingly popular, providing eye catching leads, attract user’s attention and create a memorable impression. If you haven’t decided to place any videos yet, the solution is to make your gradient background move. Animated background is the big thing this year!


  1. Animated logo – since we get used to gifs that are widely available to use on social media, website designers have adopted this trend into their designs. The new emerging trend is creating animated elements, including logos and icons.


  1. Surprising menus – the latest new big thing is floating and misplaced menus. While a floating menu swims across the screen while you are moving, keeping the user in constant control, misplaced menus are usually not that obvious to find, but keep users interested and interacting longer. The trend which is passé, according to top Polish designers, is a hidden menu. Although it gives some more space for content, it is not practical for navigation, thus making the customer’s journey to the product longer.


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