Growth hacking refers to growth strategies that combine a few skills, such as digital skills, social media savvy, marketing experiments, data usage and creativity. It appeals not only to entrepreneurs, but also to well-established organisations that are looking to expand their reach and who are willing to save some pennies by creatively establishing dialogue with their followers; convert them into clients, or remarket them.

It can quickly generate new prospects and then convert them into clients. Some organisations have already changed their structures in order to follow the new growth hacking trend. They use the accessible big data in order to create relevant, instantly changeable marketing communications with their followers.

Here are the best growth hacking techniques used by industry pro’s:

Dropbox example – the double hack

Referral programme which offers 2GB of free storage to new users, additional space for connecting social media to it, and up to 16GB for inviting friends to use Dropbox. Brilliant win – win.

Skyscraper technique

The idea is to curate the best pieces of content in the area of your expertise, curate the list of resources; add value by posting your own opinions, better design, or an update on the matter. Then it is easier to reach those people who were already interested in the content in a specific sector. If you attach third party links, the content is more likely to be boosted and get more chances to organic shares.

You attract your niche, and at the same time, are seen as an influencer, thus increasing your chances for backlinks – and it is good for SEO and social share ability.


This is a great tool to add Call-To-Action button to any content you share. It is a great idea for any organisation that relies heavily on conversions. It is kind of using third party content but in a way that is less demanding than skyscraper. You add your own Call-To-Action to any content that you share with your audience, You can then post it to Buffer or Hootsuite, even your mailing system, and watch your list of followers grow.

Using Audiense

This app helps find influencers, brand ambassadors and prospects on Twitter and Instagram. It also gives you insights to preparing relevant strategies to communicate your brand. It tells you what your audience really likes, where to find your ideal customers, etc.

‘Facebook lookalike technique’

This has been used recently by one of the Bitcoin trading organisations. They posted an ad that resembled an interview on national TV with regards to cryptocurrency, but in fact, it was just an advert with CTA guiding viewers to their website. It is a good technique to gain a particular chunk of the market; when we are willing to gain an appropriate, top performing audience.

PR hack

If you want to boost your brand awareness, generate backlinks and expand your audience, offer a hand to your local or niche sector journalist. It not only generates your PR coverage, but also establishes your voice as an industry influencer, and expands your network. Some brands follow Twitter hashtags such as #PRequest, #BloggerRequest or #JournoRequest to identify relevant journalists for their brand.

If you are looking for Polish influencers, contact our ethnic marketing team.

Expanding your mailing list by Pop-Up

Expanding your mailing list is much easier with pop-ups. You can create them in almost any mailing system, such as MailChimp, SumoMe, or WordPress. They allow you to alter the messaging and CTA, design your offer, and integrate them with your website or social media channels.

LinkedIn e-mail export

If you are looking for an original mailing list growing hack, exporting your contacts from LinkedIn might be a good solution. Your connections are already interested in your activities and may benefit from any content you provide. It increases your prospects list and turns users into subscribers. It also converts one-time visitors into your readers. To download your contacts, you have to go to “My network”, then “Your connections”, “See all”, click “Manage synced and imported contacts” on the top right, and under “Advanced actions”, click “Export contacts”, click “Request archive” and your list should be sent by e-mail.

Differentiate email headlines to grow open rate

Instead of sending new content all the time, what might be time-consuming, wait a few days and segment your audience who haven’t opened the email, into groups. Send the same newsletter to them but with a different headline, ideally tailored according to their interests.

Twitter reach building

These simple rules usually apply to Instagram as well. Follow appropriate users involved in your industry, like their posts, add them to a list and retweet their content. It will make your brand visible in notifications. If you find any relevant, interesting content, click “share to tweet” and copy the tweet template, paste into Twitter search, and it will bring up all the users who did the same. Follow and retweet high engagers from your industry. Follow your competitor’s followers. They are likely to engage with you as well.

Social media growth hack techniques are our bread and butter. Do not hesitate to check our campaigns reaching Polish audience worldwide:

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Hashtag copying

Identify relevant hashtags used for your industry and when you are searching for the topic you want to talk about. Then find a relevant big event, trending story lines or an article that resonate with your audience. Talk about it a lot, use their hashtags and gain new followers. To better utilise the hashtags, create a lot of buzz about the event before it happens. During and after the event, interact with the attendees.


This app will allow you to post and create content with ease. It works on the principal of internet of things and allows all your apps and devices to “talk” with each other. The app also allows you to adapt your content into relevant social media without your involvement. One sentence can create all sorts of actions across many platforms and devices.

Using Canddi and Facebook pixel

These two will allow you to track all your website’s visits and never miss a prospect. Canddi is a revolutionary system to increase your sales and conversion rates with ease, and also track your marketing effort, at the same time. Facebook pixel, on the other hand, tracks conversions from your Facebook Ads. It allows you to optimise your ads, build target audience for future ads, and to remarket qualified leads.

If any of the above techniques sound to you like a lot of work, or you lack creativity in keeping your audience interested in your brand, allow us to do it for you.

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