A Foreign Marketplace
/ Fashion


This renowned global online fashion retailer, aimed to expand its market presence in Eastern Europe, specifically targeting Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Greece. To achieve this, they decided to implement influencer marketing activations to increase their brand awareness, drive traffic to their online store, and ultimately boost sales in these new markets.


Expanding into new markets while competing with established local and international brands posed a significant challenge for the brand. Moreover, identifying many relevant influencers with engaged audiences in each target country within the desired age group, with an audience of mostly women in the country of origin, and follower range (+50K) was not an easy task. The objective was not only to identify influencers but also to ensure that their content resonates with the local audiences and effectively promotes its online store and provides a positive ROI from the implemented activities.

What did we do?

Once potential influencers were identified, the agency proposed them to the client. On approval, we started the briefing, and arranging the activations. As soon as the content was approved by the client – the influencers were able to publish InstaStories with 50% promo codes and relevant links and hashtags. We implemented over 70 activations within five months. Throughout the campaign, the agency closely monitored influencer publications to ensure compliance with agreed-upon guidelines.

Key points

  • We chose influencers whose majority audience is women.
  • We promised the influencers the collaborations will be repeated if sales are generated.
  • The promo codes and links were well visible and positioned in the centre of the stories.
  • Influencers published not one content, but a series of Instagram stories, a few days apart.
  • The influencers were able to choose clothes they like from the online store and produce content presenting how they chose the clothes on the web store, which they then received and tried on.
  • The client monitored the sales generated with the help of unique links and repeated those collabs that provided positive ROI.


Over the course of five months, we implemented over 70 collaborations with influencers from various Eastern European countries. Some creators performed exceptionally well, providing high traffic and sales. As a result, the client decided to repeat these collaborations to continue obtaining positive ROI. These collaborations generated significant revenue and brand visibility for them in the target markets and helped to build their brand in those new markets. Unfortunately, we are not able to share any sales stats.