Cukibo / Books


Our client is the Cukibo brand from Switzerland, which specialises in publishing personalised books that are designed to help parents convey the values and culture of the country of origin.

In our opinion it was:

• Preparation of topics for an article that would find interest in the media in the hot pre-Christmas period, taking into account that the brand had not carried out communication activities on the Polish market before and approving them with the customer.

• Editing the article and translating it into English

• Accepting a customer article

• Distributing the article to relevant parenting and women’s media in Poland and the Polish community media around the world; follow up; media monitoring, and answering journalists’ questions

• Arranging interviews with company representatives

• Reporting to the client


There were many of them in this campaign. First of all, we acted at the last minute, only a few weeks before the hot period before Christmas, secondly, the brand was completely unknown to journalists in Poland, and the client had not invested in earlier paid activities. At that time, editorial offices were working remotely due to the pandemic, so contact with journalists was difficult, some were ill.

What did we do?

We prepared a map of adequate media, we got acquainted with the client’s strategy and began to distribute materials to the media, had talks with the media about interviews and the publication of a nostalgic, story-telling article about the stories of several Polish families living in exile; how they coped with the challenge of transferring their native language and culture to a culturally alien environment in exile.

The results

In approximately 5 weeks of cooperation with the client, we generated about 10 media publications in top tier media and over 500 publications in second tier media. These were both media addressed to Polish parents in Poland and those living all over the world. As one of the Polish media published the article on local editions, of which there are 400, we obtained a colossal number of publications. A large part of the publications contained active links to the client’s website; we always asked the editorial offices to put an active link.