Desenio / Interior Design


Our client, the Scandinavian brand Desenio from Sweden, specialises in home decor, i.e. in stylish posters and wall frames. They started cooperation with us because they wanted to scale their activities on the Polish market.


The client was already very active on the Polish market, so finding new influencers who had not previously promoted this brand was a real task. Our objective was to identify a wide variety of influencers from YouTube and Instagram, size 100k-500k, with audiences aged 25-35, who would like to do product placement publications with rebate code information, swipe up, and foster brand awareness. 

What did we do?

Thanks to the special platform that we purchased for our agency, which enables research and audit of influencers, we identified influencers in many categories, not only home decor, but also photography, lifestyle, travel, cooking, parenting and related categories. We also searched for influencers using many other methods: influencer lists, other applications for this, by hashtags. Three team members were responsible for research and outreach. We proposed about 50 talents each month. 

We thoroughly briefed influencers and accepted the client’s content. We monitored publications and provided reports. We also suggested the client implement the so-called countdown labels so that people who click on the sticker would be notified when the promotion was coming to an end.

The results

We implemented 30 collaborations in about 8 months, most of which brought the expected results that were covered and exceeded the investment in promotional activities. Only a few collaborations brought image-only related results. 
One of the collaborations resulted in over 6000 visits in the Polish language online shop. The client was so pleased with her that he decided to repeat the cooperation with this influencer every three months.
Thanks to the successful influencer marketing activities the client continues cooperation with us, which has been on-going for 8 months.