Mediterranean country / Tourism


The tourism organisation of one of the Mediterranean countries approached us a few months before the official opening of the office in Warsaw, Poland, to plan and execute a four-month communications campaign targeting Generation Z.


In recent years, Poles have discovered this country as a great European tourist destination.

The number of Polish tourists has been increasing year on year and hasn’t changed much despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Poles were one of the top 5 most visited nations.

To further increase awareness of the country in Poland, the country’s tourism organisation invested in marketing and PR activities in the fourth quarter of 2022. This was particularly important as its authorities planned to open its regional office in Warsaw.

What did we do?

3 months before launch, marketing and PR operations began. Four key channels were:

Influencer marketing – we planned and implemented six influencers visits to this Mediterranean country, which resulted not only in beautiful and engaging content published on Instagram and TikTok, but also in a frenzy for one of the hotels presented in influencers’ content. Also, some top tier media in Poland organically covered the holidays of the influencers that had been booked by us for this country. Double win.

The second channel was display campaigns on two biggest horizontal portals in Poland, WP and Onet. We produced native articles and dynamic banners for the booked campaign as well.

An intense media relations campaign made up the third activity. We produced and distributed to the media six interesting PR articles about the unique travel experience this destination offers. We provided over 60 PR publications, most of which were secured in top-tier media outlets! Monthly AVE was 21,000 Euro.

The last activity was social media comms on Instagram and TikTok. We created its Polish social profiles from scratch, planned a content strategy and implemented it, together with social paid. Both social profiles snowballed, and also the engagement rate was very high. On a TikTok page we gathered over 2,000 followers within just 3 months. And regarding social paid, the reach and CTRs we obtained were more than satisfactory.

The results

Many major online media outlets covered the Mediterranean country. including,,,, TVP2, Radio Zet, RMF FM, as well as specialist media such as National Geographic Poland, Dziennik Turystyczny, Wiadomości Turystyczne and Rynek Turystyczny.

As a result of our efforts, Business Insider,, Rzeczpospolita, PAP and TVP INFO conducted interviews with officials from the Mediterranean country in connection with the official office opening.

The campaigns we implemented contributed greatly to driving further Polish visits and bookings. The number of tourists from Poland compared to 2019 increased by 60%.