NHS / Public health


Our client is a national health service offering a wide range of medical services, including a national immunisation programme.


To raise the level of safety awareness about the flu vaccine and its preventative importance within the Polish community; to increase the
volume of flu vaccine distributed throughout the Polish community, with particular emphasis on pregnant women and children aged 2 – 7.

What did we do?

We planned a PR campaign that consisted of the following:

  • Translating and localising press releases supplied by the client
  • Researching
    and engaging relevant influencers and ambassadors
  • Interviewing a highly qualified flu vaccine ambassador for the purpose of the campaign
    Preparing and placing a sponsored article in the highest penetration of Polish media outlets
  • Placing press releases and interview in Polish
    media outlets
  • Preparing and managing voiceover for localised Facebook Video Ads
  • Translating creative assets consisting of promo wording
    and localising for the purpose of the campaign
  • Engaging and interacting with social media discussion groups
  • Gathering social insights in order to adapt future marketing communication for the Polish ethnic group.

During the campaign we learned that the Polish community was strongly resistant to the national Flu Vaccine programme, so we had to adjust the communication plan accordingly to address all the emerging issues and concerns. We found a pertinent, respected, medical influencer who was able to deal with all issues and concerns, and thus, fit content into context.


The campaign was a great success. We secured multiple PR publications in over 35 media Polish outlets in the UK, including print. We generated
a lot of social engagement, resulting in over 20 discussions on Facebook groups. The Flu Vaccine programme has been widely commented on,
and considerably more Poles took part in it throughout the duration of the campaign. We managed to gather valuable insights in order
to tailor future campaigns more effectively.