Pol Plan / Insurance


Our client is an insurance company.


Promote the opening of a new branch located in Peterborough and invite a minimum 100 Polish visitors for the opening event.

What did we do?

We planned and implemented an advertising campaign consisting of four sponsor articles and four top banners in prime locations on local
Polish community websites:

  • We planned and ran an insertion of leaflets into Polish press titles imported from Poland and sold in grocery
    stores selling Polish products located in Peterborough area
  • We planned and ran outreach activities in close proximity to the branch and also to various Polish hot spots, such as shops, churches and businesses located in Peterborough
  • We planned and ran a distribution of flyers and
    merchandise in a Polish school located in Peterborough. The promotional items were given away by the teachers to the parents a few days
    before the event
  • We planned and ran a distribution of leaflets and posters in 15 Polish hot spots, such as shops and businesses, located in
  • We produced two press releases and sent them to approximately 40 Polish media, targeting Poles living in the Peterborough
    area. We followed them up and negotiated publication in the news and events sections
  • We produced an invitation to the event for Polish
    media and influencers. We sent it out and followed up to confirm who would be present
  • We produced a sponsor article for the community
    websites and also flyers, merchandise and posters.


The event attracted approximately 200 people on the day, so the number of participants was double what was expected. We secured coverage in 18 publications in Polish media, which was three more than expected – The client informed us that the awareness
of the new branch had increased significantly