Influencer marketing seems to be the most popular marketing trend of recent years.  Without doubt, it is more often the first choice for Polish marketers, including the biggest, international brands. It appeals to big players and small companies alike.

However, smaller organizations seem to look for alternative, more niche and very specific influencers. Influencers’ opinions are often more valuable than any mainstream media advertisement – 72% of users agree that blogs and vlogs are their preferred and first source of information when it comes to choosing a product. Over 53% of users admitted that social voices had influenced their purchase decision. According to the IRCenter, YouTube is visited by over 17 million Poles every month. It has more viewers than any traditional TV channel can amass!

Based on the trend of authenticity and building lasting relationships with an audience, 2017 brought in a new wave of influencers to mainstream media due to easy access to video editing tools and recording devices. According to market researchers, in the next few years we will notice a new wave of growing Internet celebrities with creative, yet valuable content. There is no brand in Poland that does not want to work with influencers. The number of internet stars is so significant that most of them give up their day jobs and turn into YouTube world for good. They work not only on their content, but also on positioning, branding; they learn and act quickly, and employ relevant teams to run their projects. This trend is on the rise.

When it comes to choosing the right influencer for your brand, the crucial step to take is identifying which qualities and values you want to communicate. Then it is time to outline the strategy for a marketing campaign and determine which influencer can help to achieve this goal.  According to the Sortrender, the influencers listed below are the most popular internet celebrities in Poland.

Millennials and below

Most popular Polish influencers appeal to the younger generations. According to Millward Brown- 76% of YouTube viewers are aged 15 to 34. They are the most active group, engaging and subscribing to the channels. They gain popularity by performing pranks and criticizing the reality around them. The top 3 influencers by numbers are: SA Wardega with 3.6 million fans – a lifestyle vlogger who attracts a young audience, famous for prank videos. In 2018, he was engaged in a Virgin Mobile campaign. (  Abstrachuje.TV has 1.3 million fans – they perform jokes and parodies. They took part in an Oreo Double campaign (, also back in 2016 – Coca Cola involved them in a Christmas advert (, along with bloggers such as Maffashion or Rezigiusz, and in 2017, in a holiday campaign, along with Rezigiusz, Beksy and Marcin Dubiel. The campaigns were run on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Rezigiusz is a popular Youtuber with 1.2 million fans, appealing to a young audience and takes part in multiple campaigns on Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook. He was involved in a Polish Ministry of Education campaign, Coca Cola, Non Stop Gaming crisps, and Clean Tatra Mountains campaign. He is perceived as a voice of generation Z (post-millennials).  Maffashion is a very popular fashion and lifestyle blogger influencer who built her career around blogging.  Currently, she works for the biggest international brands, including Coca Cola, H&M, Adidas, and Polish fashion brands. She is an active user of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook.

Bez tytułu

Blowek is a young Polish influencer who has  already been spotted by brands such as MBank (   They use YouTube, OOH, website, and with his own channels on Facebook, Instagram, he appeals to the young audience as one of the core Youtubers for gaming. Another gamer and one of the top influencers is Stuu Games- a very popular Polish gamer on YouTube engaged by Fanta and Old Spice for their campaigns on YouTube and Facebook.

What is noticeable is that Polish influencers are engaged in multiple campaigns that differ from each other.

Influencers who appeal most to the 30+ audience

Ewa Chodakowska and Robert Lewandowski are the most popular Polish influencers on Instagram. Robert’s profile is followed by over 12.4 million fans, while Ewa has 1.34 million followers.  The most popular influencer who appeals to the slightly older generation is Mariusz Max Kolonko. He is an American journalist contributing also to Polish press, including Super Express, Angora and Focus.  Niekryty Krytyk appeals to the audience aged 30+, he criticizes reality, and is classified as a lifestyle influencer. He was engaged by and Mobile Vikings.

Chujowa Pani Domu is the most popular mum who performs a Polish parody of motherhood. She fights against main stream perfectionism, was engaged in a Haier washing machine campaign and Viking Mobile. She runs campaigns on Facebook and on her own blog.

Agency role in influencer marketing

To explain this internet phenomenon, it is worth adding that most of these young people get regular help from experienced and professional companies that manage their appearance. It would be naive to think that 13 or 17 year olds can gain popularity without any support and guidance. Therefore, the game is on and stakes are high! There are a few main players on the market: Agora Internet Artists, LifeTube, Divimore, Mediakraft and Iricom. They help agencies to choose relevant influencers for their clients, take part in strategy preparation and goal achievement.

Agencies such as All 4 Comms lead brands in the relevant direction, measure success, outline strategy, negotiate costs, and make sure that all ingredients are the right fit for the brands. We check influencers’ activities and values for anything that can potentially harm our client’s good name. Recently we worked with one of the gaming brands with the help of one of the top 20 influencers – Beksy. We achieved quite significant results and gained over a million downloads!

What is most important for brands, apart from choosing a relevant influencer with a large audience, is to choose the one with a set of values suited to your brand. Sometimes the most relevant influencer can have slightly less fans but higher ROI due to a more specific niche, better relationship with their followers, and who engage better when the topic is clearly defined. The success is measurable. An engaged influencer can encourage their audience to take part in competitions, quizzes, click on link leading to a brand’s landing page. They can have their own discount code that can be used in the conversion process. Tracking the traffic on the influencer’s website or account allows the retargeting of an audience that followed the referral. At every stage of the campaign it is worth using a professional agency such as the ethnic marketing communication agency All 4 Comms to achieve the best possible results. If you are looking for professional influencer marketing management, do not hesitate – contact us now.

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