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There is no better tool in Poland for promoting a brand and building an image online than social media. To help you with this, we’ve put together the latest statistics on Polish social media marketing that you should know in 2022!

Table of contents:

  • Poles on the Internet
  • Poles and social media 
  • The most popular social media platforms in Poland
  • What content do Polish social media users like?
  • Social commerce in Poland
  • Live commerce in Poland
  • Polish influencer marketing in social media

Poles on the internet

1. According to the Hootsuite report ‘Social Media Trends 2022’, as many as 87% of all Poles actively use the Internet. This is three percentage points higher than last year, when internet users accounted for 84.5%. What does this mean for your brand? Year on year, the internet is becoming an increasingly important tool for promotion, also among older generations. Even if you communicate in traditional media, the internet should still be a big (if not the biggest) part of your marketing strategy on the Polish market. 

2. Poles use the Internet primarily to search for information (as many as 72.8% of them declare this reason as the most important). In addition, they follow current events on the Internet (61.3%) and search for information about brands (as much as 61.2%). It would be hard to find clearer proof that it is worth investing in Internet marketing in Poland. 

Main reasons why Poles use the Internet
Source: Hootsuite raport Social Media Trends 2022

3. Poles aged 16-64 spend an average of 6 hours and 39 minutes online per day. Interestingly, this is 5 minutes less than last year. So it’s worth putting more effort into campaign creation – now, as brands, we have even less time to get audiences interested in our ads or content!

Poles and social media 

4. The number of social media users has increased compared to last year. The percentage of the population actively using social media such as Facebook and Instagram has increased from 68.5% to 72%. When we translate this into figures, we find that 27 million Poles have a social media account. Over one million more than in 2021!

The most popular social media platforms in Poland
Source: Hootsuite raport Social Media Trends 2022

5. Monthly, Poles spend about 23 hours on YouTube, 20 hours on Facebook, 20 hours on TikTok and about 19 hours on WhatsApp.

6. Poles primarily use social media in the evening, between 18:00 and 20:00 (60%). The second most popular time to browse feeds is in the afternoon, when 37% of Polish users reach for social media.

7 On social media alone, Poles spend an average of one hour and 49 minutes each day. The time spent scrolling Facebook or watching Insta Stories has decreased by 10 minutes compared to 2021.  The “saved” time is spent reading newspapers, listening to music and podcasts, which are growing in strength in Poland.

8 Almost 83% of people over the age of 13 actively use social media. Most users are in the 18-44 age bracket. Interestingly, among the older generations (people over 55), social media are used mainly by women. Between the ages of 55 and 65, 4.2% of women and only 2.6% of men use Facebook or Instagram.  

9 What do Poles look for in social media? First and foremost, contact with family and friends. As many as 53.4 percent of Internet users admit that talking to, and following the lives of loved ones is the main reason they look at social media. Being up to date with the news comes second (51.2 per cent), and filling free time comes third. 

Types of most popular content in Polish social media
Source: Hootsuite raport Social Media Trends 2022

10. 28.7 % of Poles who use social media consider the search for products to buy as one of the main reasons why they reach for these applications. 26.4% like to search for content created by brands. It is therefore worth investing in interesting, engaging and valuable content. As you can see, Poles will be happy to stay with your brand for longer if your profile is interesting enough. 

The most popular social media platforms in Poland

11. Poles are keen on online instant messaging. Almost 80 percent of Polish internet users chat with friends on Messenger and just under 50 per cent use WhatsApp. Perhaps it is worth investing in instant messaging advertising?

12 The most popular social media platform in Poland is still Facebook, used by 88.1% of Polish Internet users. In second place is Instagram (59.5%) – and this is a million more than last year, and in third place – interestingly – is TikTok (34.1%). 

Social media platforms in Poland generating the most traffic
Source: Hootsuite raport Social Media Trends 2022

Over the past year, TikTok has seen the biggest jump in popularity among social media platforms in Poland. Among users aged 16 to 64, it jumped four places to the position of most popular social media.

TikTok in Poland
Source: Hootsuite raport Social Media Trends 2022

14. Currently, 4.6 million Poles have an active account on LinkedIn (a popular business platform in Poland), an increase of 500 000 compared to the previous year. If you are in the B2B sector (we have written about social media marketing for B2B in a separate article) or in the financial, marketing or business sectors, or are building a personal brand, it would be a good idea to have a presence on this platform. The potential advertising reach for the entire population is around 12% on LinkedIn.  

15. In Poland, Twitter’s popularity is declining. From the 37.5% of users it recorded last year, it has fallen to 26.2% in 2022. Of course, it is still a great tool for brand communication, but it is worth considering whether it will definitely be the optimum option just for your industry. 

What content do Polish social media users like?

16. What kind of content do Poles look for on social media? Above all, they point to the content of their friends and people they know personally (48.9%). They also like entertainment topics and memes, and follow the activities of their favourite musicians and athletes.

17. More than 1/4 of Polish social media users admit that they enjoy following content created by brands on company profiles and use social media platforms to search for products they can buy.  

18. 46.7% – this is the potential advertising reach on Facebook among the entire population in Poland. On Instagram, it is 28.3%. If these figures don’t convince you that social media advertising is worth investing in, we don’t know what will. 

19. Poles love video content. As many as 86.4% of them admit to watching video content. They prefer music content (music videos) and funny comedy videos, but they also like to watch tutorials (27.8% of them), live streams (25%), educational materials (19.7%), product reviews (18.7%) and videos created by Polish influencers (17.8%). A well-planned video strategy and interesting videos can therefore be an investment that will pay off for your brand in a short time. 

Popularity of video content in Poland
Source: Hootsuite raport Social Media Trends 2022

20. 19.6% of all Polish Internet users actively listen to podcasts. However, this percentage increases in direct proportion to the age of the audience. Indeed, podcasts are liked by as many as 63% of Poles under the age of 24, as well as 47% of those aged between 25 and 49. This could be a great way for you to reach a new, young audience, provide them with valuable content and stand out from the competition. In the Polish market, there are still few brands choosing to invest in podcasts. Take a look at this tool if you are in the financial industry. In fact, as many as 34% of Polish podcast listeners are drawn to topics related to finance.

Social commerce in Poland

21. One of the most rapidly growing trends in Polish social media is social commerce, i.e. selling on social media. Last year, almost a third of Poles made a purchase using social media at least once, and 44% said they would do so more often.  

22. The most popular social commerce platform in Poland is Facebook, through which 82% of sales are made. In second place is Instagram (19%), and in third place is YouTube (16%). 

23. Clothing and footwear are mainly sold through social media in Poland. Interestingly, they are mainly bought by women (35% versus 24% of men). The main group of customers are women under 34 years of age, living in smaller towns and villages. 

Live commerce in Poland

24. The popularity of shopping via live broadcasts on social media (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) is also growing in Poland. One in four Poles has made a purchase at least once during a live broadcast, and 10% of them admit that they do so frequently. Attractive prices and promotions (indicated by 45% of customers), as well as the opportunity to ask direct questions about the product to the seller, speak in favour of this shopping model. 

25. What do Poles buy during live broadcasts on social media? Primarily clothing, shoes, accessories and accessories (67% of them), jewellery (42%), cosmetics and perfumes (27%), books, CDs and films (16%), as well as multimedia, including apps, tutorials, courses and paid e-books (16%). Pay attention to this if you are ‘selling’ your knowledge and building a personal brand.

 26. In Poland, social media advertising with external links directing users to the shop works very well (we wrote more about how to run social media for an online shop in a separate article). Almost every second customer has made an online purchase in this way at least once. Directing adverts to your company website should therefore be a must-have of your Polish social media strategy if you want to increase sales.  

Polish influencer marketing in social media

27. 23.5% of marketers working for big brands in Poland have worked with a minimum of 21-50 influencers in the last six months. Interestingly, 10.4% of advertisers have worked with more than 50 influencers in the last two quarters. What does this mean? That long-term campaigns that involve even more than a few creators at a time are playing an increasingly important role in Poland.

28. The most frequently chosen social media platform for cooperation with influencers is Instagram. 80.4 percent of Polish advertisers declare that this is the platform they reach for the most. This is an increase of up to 11 percentage points compared to last year. If you are investing in influencer marketing in Poland, the first steps should be taken on Instagram.

No less popular are Facebook (64.9% of collaborations with brands take place on Facebook) and YouTube (42.2%). TikTok is also slowly entering the game, with as many as 37% of advertisers using this type of marketing to collaborate with influencers. This is more than the classic weblogs!

30. The most popular sectors for cooperation with Polish influencers are beauty (29.4%), fashion (21.6%), interior design and construction, travel (20.6%), cooking (17.6%) and parenting (17.6%).

31. When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing activities in social media in Poland, the main factors analysed are the reach of posts published by creators (55.6% of indications), the impact of the campaign on sales (52%) and traffic (43%). 

31. Micro-influencers (64%) and medium-sized influencers receive the most collaborations with brands in Poland. Celebrities were collaborated with last year by 27.7% of marketers and superstars by 12.9%. 

32. The most reached influencers in Polish social media include: Robert Lewandowski (28 million followers), Anna-Maria Sieklucka (4.5 million), Anna Lewandowska (4.3 million), Zusje (3.6 million) and Veronica Bielik (3.4 million). 

List of the biggest influencers in Poland with the most followers on Instagram
Source: DDBOB

33. The most popular influencers who are online creators, in turn, include: Karol Wisniewski ‘Friz’ (3.4 million) Weronika Sowa ‘Wersow’ (2.9 million), Mateusz Trąbka ‘Tromba’ (2.4 million) and Marcin Dubiel (2.4 million).

List of the biggest online influencers-creators in Poland with the most followers on Instagram
Source: DDBOB

Do you want to start social media communication in Poland, invest in an advertising campaign, social commerce or cooperation with Polish influencers on Instagram or YouTube? Get in touch with us! As a Polish social media agency, we have experienced experts on our staff who have been working with brands like yours for years!