Table of Contents:

  • What makes the platform relevant?
    • Number of users in Poland
    • Broad demographics
    • Capabilities of individual platforms
  • Facebook – the basis of communication and advertising
  • Instagram – strong commitment
  • YouTube – the power of influencers
  • Other social networking sites

Are you planning activities in social media in Poland? Be careful – it’s not profitable to advertise everywhere! Polish recipients and the websites they use on a daily basis differ slightly from those from the United States, the UK or Western Europe. Poles prefer Messenger to WhatsApp, they rarely share their lives on Twitter and they are more likely to visit LinkedIn than Pinterest. Which social networking sites really matter in Poland and why? Here is a handful of tips from a Polish advertising agency in the UK!

What makes the platform relevant?

There are at least a few conditions that a social platform should meet in order to be called a marketing giant in Poland. It is not enough to look only at the data of the most frequently used social media – you still need to know how Polish consumers use them.

1. Number of users in Poland

According to the Hootsuite “Digital 2020” report, YouTube is the most popular social networking platform in Poland. Currently, as many as 92% of all Polish Internet users between 16 and 64 years of age, use it at least once a month. Facebook is in second place (98% of users), while Facebook Messenger is third on the podium. The next places are Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 15% of Polish Internet users use TikTok and WeChat.

2. Broad demography

However, it is not only the number of users that makes the social platform an important player on the market of this type of website. From the marketing perspective, it is also important that the users logged in to it are diverse. In places where people of different age or gender appear, there is a much greater advertising potential for most brands.

3. Capabilities of individual platforms

Not all social media platforms have equal potential: both advertising and communication. The more extensive the possibilities of targeting ads and forms of advertising, the more significant the website will be for brands in Poland. On the other hand – the greater the freedom and convenience of communicating with customers through a given platform, the greater the potential for building engagement. Some of the social media in Poland are a more natural form of communicating with the brand than others.

Facebook – the basis of communication and advertising

It is difficult to underestimate the power of Facebook in Poland. For years, there has been a stereotype that if a brand does not exist on Facebook – it does not exist at all. No wonder: this is where the main customer-brand communication comes into play. It is also here that you can build the most precisely targeted advertisements for Polish consumers.

  • A large number of Facebook users in Poland (18.3 million),
  • A large percentage of millennials with the highest purchasing potential (as much as 27.8%),
  • Broad demography,
  • Broad advertising possibilities (several dozen types of advertisements and locations),
  • The possibility of using remarketing,
  • Very precise determination of ad target groups,
  • The basic platform for communication between the majority of Polish companies and clients.

Instagram – strong commitment

Instagram, i.e. a platform belonging to Facebook, bases its advertising potential on data collected by Facebook. Therefore, it is difficult to underestimate the opportunities offered to advertising companies. The growing popularity of Instagram in Poland (especially among women, who account for almost 60% of users) makes Instagram a really big player here.

  • As many as 7 million Instagram users in Poland,
  • Great growth potential – as many as 35% of users are people between 18 and 24 years of age,
  • Broad advertising opportunities (the ability to advertise on Stories and sell via Instagram),
  • Easy relationship with customers – many young Polish customers choose to communicate with brands via Instagram instead of Facebook,
  • A convenient way to show the brand’s “human face” (especially with Stories).

YouTube – the power of influencers

While YouTube may not be the obvious social platform your brand should appear on, it’s worth rethinking your presence there. Especially since, according to reports, YouTube is currently the most popular social media service in Poland, which is also dominated by millennials with high purchasing potential. In addition to standard YouTube ads, brands can have their own channel or place products in Polish influencer videos.

  • The most popular social networking site in Poland (19 million users),
  •  A large percentage of people visiting the website several times a week (as much as 23% vs.16% on Facebook),
  •  Poles spend a long time on the platform (on average, almost 2.5 hours a week),
  • Broad demographics with an emphasis on the dominance of millennials,
  • Various types of advertisements: display advertisements, overlays, negligible advertisements, non-skipable advertisements, sponsored cards etc.),
  • Growing reach of Polish influencers on YouTube (great potential for influencer marketing),
  • It articulates various business needs: from building awareness, generating sales, to creating a community around the brand.

Other social networks? Yes, but…

Does the domination of three websites mean that it is not worth using other social platforms to communicate with customers and advertise your products in Poland? Absolutely not! However, you should check in advance whether your target group has a sufficient representation on the websites. These less popular social media in Poland are perfect for companies with a narrower niche. Snapchat and TikTok would be fantastic to reach generation Z. LinkedIn in Poland is an ideal place for B2B advertising. Twitter would be useful to mark the company’s presence in the current media discourse. Pinterest can work well for advertising products intended mainly for women (such as fashion or cosmetics), and Twitch for men (men are predominant among users).

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are decisive giants of Polish social media. They are distinguished not only by a large number of users, but also by a broad demographics and great potential for advertising and communication with customers. This does not mean, however, that it is not worth deciding to have the company present on other websites. If you are looking for an agency that will help you plan and implement a communication strategy in Polish social media, please contact our specialists. We are a Polish advertising agency in the UK that has been helping foreign brands to appear on the Polish market for years.