• Polish consumers and Black Friday

    • Black Friday has been established in Poland since 2015.• Although Black Friday or Cyber Monday have been organised in Poland for only a few years, they have become firmly embedded in the minds of Poles. • Up to 87% of Poles surveyed by TNS Kantar, claim that they know what Black Friday is. • […]

  • How are Poles getting ready for Christmas? Traditionally, or commercially?

    Will Poles remain faithful to the tradition of Christmas? Commercialisation of holidays according to 47% of Poles is the main reason for changes in holiday customs and preparations. Every third of us replaces traditional gifts with vouchers and gift cards, and 37% ask loved ones about gift preferences, afraid of failure. According to 40%, we […]

  • Poles and Halloween

    October 31 is Halloween in many countries. This custom known in Anglo-Saxon countries is also gaining popularity in Poland. Observing the assortment and interior design of stores in the last days of October, one can have the impression that it has permanently entered the Polish landscape and is gladly celebrated by Poles. Havas Media Group […]

  • Minimalists or promotion hunters – how do Polish consumers buy?

    In the last two years, the group of Polish consumers guided by shopping behaviors, mainly promotions, has significantly decreased. Currently, the most numerous consumer segment is passive. For them, the promotion is not a sufficient reason to buy – shows the “Promotion Monitor 2019” ARC Market and Opinion. Just 2 years ago, hunters of promotions […]

  • Europeans are more and more open to minorities, but Poles are lagging behind

    The British are most open to possible relationships between their children and people of Jewish nationality. EU residents are increasingly open to gender, ethnic or religious minorities – according to Eurobarometer research published in 2019. Poles are much less likely than average Europeans to accept same-sex relationships. According to the survey, 69% of respondents would […]

  • Fashion market in Poland

    Over 60% of Poles declare that they buy clothing, footwear and accessories in a levelheaded way. 54% are ready to pay a higher price for wardrobe items made in Poland. In turn, nearly every third respondent is willing to pay more for a product produced in an ecological way – according to the report ‘Fashion […]

  • Santa is becoming more generous in Poland

    Year by year, Santa is becoming more generous in Poland. A Polish family will spend an average of PLN 1,521 on this holiday period, a Deloitte study says. Christmas is a special time also for trade. As the 22nd edition of the international survey “Christmas shopping 2019” by Deloitte shows, this year Poles intend to […]

  • How to engage Polish Z Generation on YouTube?

    Generation Z (people born after 1995) currently constitute 20% of the population in Poland. The oldest are 24 years old now. They grew up with smartphones, Snapchat, Twitch, and YouTube, surrounded by technology. From year to year, they will be an increasingly significant purchasing power on the market. There is one expressly efficient way to […]

  • How to promote airline companies to Polish travellers

    Currently, there are many airlines from all over the world that fly to and from Poland. Some are low-cost airlines (and their number is systematically increasing), some are regular lines. The former mostly focus on highlighting their low prices in all promotional messages, the latter create extensive campaigns and put emphasis on building a professional […]

  • 6 best online marketing strategies for the gaming industry in Poland

    The gaming industry is relatively homogeneous on a global scale. All countries cooperate, which is evidenced by many worldwide online tournaments such as, for example, Fortnite World Cup. In Poland, the gaming industry is worth around PLN 2 billion. According to a Polish Gamers Research study, over 69% of Polish internet users are active game […]