• 13 Irresistible Brand Growth Hacks for SME’s

    Growth hacking refers to growth strategies that combine a few skills, such as digital skills, social media savvy, marketing experiments, data usage and creativity. It appeals not only to entrepreneurs, but also to well-established organisations that are looking to expand their reach and who are willing to save some pennies by creatively establishing dialogue with […]

  • Website design trends emerging in 2018

    In 2018, we tend to think that by now, we have seen it all. Since your digital footprint is a must have for any brand, we all invest in a website. Surprisingly though, every year, there are new trends emerging, leaving us with our digital exposure well behind our competitors. Has this happened to your […]

  • 2018 – The Year of Original Content Creators

    Since ‘Content is King’ became a buzzword, organizations all over the world have consistently put a lot of effort into creating content. Every marketer knows by now that creating interesting, original and useful content opens the doors to customer’s minds, and establishes loyalty. Creating sticky content is what marketers are aiming for.  Sticky refers to […]

  • 7 Social Media Changes That Will Influence The Way We Talk To Our Audience in 2018

    There is no doubt about the importance of social media in today’s marketing landscape. We share, we like, we tweet, post Instastories and use hashtags on a daily basis. But not everybody knows what social platforms have prepared for us for the following year. Here is your practical, yet very important, guide to all those […]

  • Conceptual Consumption – the journey to the core of a brand

    Traditional marketing is a little bit like a guessing game. Although we use complicated metrics to measure results, we still cannot plan effective campaigns without using neuroscience and the right mindset to create the overall brand experience, as opposed to marketing messages designed to persuade your audience to buy. Why does our brain buy certain […]

  • 20 Ultimate Guidelines to Setting up an Effective YouTube campaign

    A good marketing funnel provides unique value at every step of a customer’s journey. It gives the audience what they desire, and satisfies their needs. In this ideal situation, video marketing is one of the most effective tools you can think of to deliver a clear, consistent and simple message, regardless of whether it is […]

  • Instagram PRO tips for marketers

    Content plays a leading role on the Internet and this trend will definitely be still noticeable in 2018. All visual materials – graphics, photos and videos – are becoming more and more significant. Now, the simplest and most popular platform for this type of communication is Instagram. Do you know how to make sure your […]

  • 10 Top Tools to help you design your marketing visuals

    If you are working in the marketing industry or running your own business, you surely know how important visual assets might change a client’s perception of your brands. It is worth remembering that visual information gets to our brain more effectively and can persuade your audience more than anything, even the greatest piece of copywriting. […]

  • The Best ‘Mum&Baby’ Marketing Strategies for brands targeting Polish mums

    According to National Statistics, over 75% of children born in some areas of the UK last year were of foreign origin, 3.3% of whom were Polish. In 2015, babies born to Polish parents in the UK, numbered 22,900 according to National Statistics. This is a whopping 23,000 new potential clients for your brands, with approx. […]