• PR in Poland AD2018

    Globalization and an overcrowded market, aligned with growing customer expectations in terms of the standard of products or services, means that more and more companies are forced to redefine their business models, reach for innovative solutions, and experiment. This also applies to the communication field in Poland. Adequate positioning, high standard of customer service, flexibility […]

  • Investor relations – 10 most important rules of communication

    Investor relations are activities aimed at building and maintaining positive relationships with the investor environment of an organisation that, with shareholders, potential shareholders, strategy investors, and other entities that constitute the basis and support of a capital market. Investor relations are built, among others, through such activities as the creation of a department of investor […]

  • Where Do Poles Buy Cosmetics?

    Poles willingly buy cosmetics in chemists, as this is consistently the most popular sales channel of beauty products, although cosmetics are also offered in discount stores. Experts predict that in the course of time chemists will specialize even more and will invest in the more well-off customer, as well as products from the mid-upper and […]

  • The most popular influencers in Poland

    Influencer marketing seems to be the most popular marketing trend of recent years.  Without doubt, it is more often the first choice for Polish marketers, including the biggest, international brands. It appeals to big players and small companies alike. However, smaller organizations seem to look for alternative, more niche and very specific influencers. Influencers’ opinions […]

  • How to make an engaging post for Facebook? Check out these 5 posts!

    Don’t have an idea for a Facebook post that will engage your fans? Here are 5 examples from our Polish campaigns that will really help you. 1. Make a choice Choosing A/B works well almost every time. But, if you want to do it really well – make the choice a little emotional. Here is […]

  • Where and why do Poles buy clothes?

    Actually, everybody buys clothes; it’s a fact of life…. Many Poles buy online, but for most a visit to a high street shop is still indispensable. The possibility of trying on products, or at least touching them before a purchase, still seems to be a priority. In a brand-name shop According to consumer research conducted […]

  • How to create a profitable marketing funnel to attract the Polish audience

    It usually takes a lot of time to convince people to buy, unless you rely on impulse buying, aimed at selling as many products as is possible, either by presenting them, or organizing a tasting (MLM). Whatever industry you are in, your first move will usually be the creation of a Sales and Marketing Funnel. […]

  • How to be active in social media – tips and insights

    Today we are evaluated on the basis of what information about us can be found online Execute an audit of your online brand to see how it is perceived now Create a vision according to which you want your brand to be perceived Ask yourself what kind of your clients’ problems you want to solve […]