• How to use influencer marketing to promote a retail business in Poland?

    Influencer marketing has been one of the hottest topics of recent years, especially in the digital marketing world, as it can give excellent results regardless of the type of business. However, retail business seems to be the one that is not able to make full use of the potential of influencers. If the brand’s marketing […]

  • Social commerce is the future – 5 best Polish examples

    In our article about digital trends for 2019, we wrote that we can expect a quick boost in social commerce. Although the world’s biggest brands already know how to take advantage of the possibilities of this e-commerce solution, in Poland this is still not a solution for which brands reach for first. However, selling through social […]

  • The best online marketing strategies for fashion brands targeting Polish teens

    Teens are a particularly demanding target group for all marketers. Communication with them is a constant pursuit of the latest, hottest trends. The fashion industry faces an even bigger challenge — whether demanding teenagers recognise products and brands as trends and will be willing to co-create a community around the label fully depends on a […]

  • How to promote money transfer companies to Polish expats?

    Many Poles live outside of Poland. Therefore, the demand for money transfer services is constantly growing. The market is constantly expanding and becoming more difficult to gain the trust of already distrustful Polish customers. However, there are several effective ways to promote money transfer companies, directing their message to Polish expats. Here, we present the […]

  • Event marketing in the children’s product industry in Poland

    The children brands are one of those that, as many people think, are promoting themselves. After all, kids are the most susceptible target and it would seem that a colorful ad is enough to get a buyer. However, apart from attracting the attention of children, it is equally important to get their parent’s trust as […]

  • 10 trends that will dominate Polish social media in 2019

    2018 is officially over. As a December was the time of summaries, in January every marketer tries to make some predictions for oncoming 2019. Last year was a great period in Polish social media. We have witnessed many unexpected ups and even more spectacular downs. We cannot wait to see what will bring us this […]

  • Best 5 Polish Christmas 360° marketing campaigns of 2018

    Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we are under constant attack by advertising messages from every side, in every medium. A good marketing campaign should contain elements for a variety of platforms, especially if a brand wants to reach the widest possible audience. Recently, we presented several elements of a good Christmas campaign in Poland. […]

  • 5 Polish alcohol brands that are great at digital marketing

    Alcohol producers in Poland still advertise mostly on TV, but the Internet is increasingly encouraging them to spend advertising budgets on Google Ads or social media. Also, thanks to advertising targeting, on the Internet it is easier to stick to restrictive regulations. Due to immense competition in the industry, alcohol brands have a very high […]

  • The Biggest Polish Beauty Influencers Who Are Worth Working With

    The Polish influencer marketplace is constantly expanding, and although the importance of micro-influencers is growing, the biggest are becoming even bigger and more powerful. This applies especially in the beauty industry. Who are the biggest Polish beauty influencers whom brands work with? Last month in Poland the official “Ofeminin Beauty Influencer Awards Powered by Sephora” […]